Sexy Abayas?

In a recent article by the BBC, Emirati abaya designer Badr Al-Budoor, discusses the concept of the “sexy abaya”.

Find out what she has to say here.

Al-Budoor is part of the growing number of hijab fashion designers focusing on the traditional abaya that women wear (mostly in the Gulf countries).

You can check out her website here, although you need an official invite to be able to view her collection.

Another abaya company mentioned in the article is D.A.S. Collection which has caused some scandal for their designs. The two sisters, Reem and Hind Beljafla, start their prices at $1,000 per abaya.

Would you pay a hefty price for a “designer” abaya?

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  1. Elhamdolillah

    Finally, i think a lot of muslim women today forget the true meaning of hijab and why some of us wear abaya to begin with..people are so absorbed in the fashion world slowly the islamic modest wear and purpose is dissapearing..Islamic clothing should be worn with clean and clear intentions and that means your heart should be pure with the intention of covering your body the proper way..The way islam has taught us to..Islamic clothing are not suppose to be tight, glamorous, expensive, or fashionable in that case, they should be simple and serve the real purpose..any intention outside of that i think is simply a wrong intention..We as muslims are not suppose to be waistful, even if you have more than an average individual there is always someone who can use an extra buck, even animals need help..saving life and helping does not end in only humans, or people, there are many foundations that save animal lives..its all part of Allah’s creations and the help we can provide is endless..Well i guess i take the topic always too far always. I feel that us as muslim women we are the only ones who can make islam stand out in the world by the way we dress, we are immediatly identified based on what we wear, so its good to make a respectable representation of what our true religion is all about..


    My dear Muslim sister, it is time for you to start remembering your purpose of creation. The holy prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) said in a hadith that a time will come when the Muslim will follow the way of the people befor us span by span, cubit by cubit, then the companions ask, ” do you mean the jews and the christians?” then the prophet answered; if not them who?”

    And ALLAH said ” They will never stop fighting you ( Physically, Ideologically, theologically mentally morally and even politically) until they succeed in changing you from your religion if they can”

    What do you think is the ideal islamic HIJAB made for??? For fashion? For the Arabs? For the Blacks or for what???

    Hijab is made not just to hide the private secrete of a woman but even her entire beauty.

    An ideal islamic woman is said to show her beauty to her MUharrams (people she will never marry by the islamic basic principle). Any case out of this is a Sin and a taboo to the muslim Ummah.

    Often times when we hear the word “ILLITERACY” we thought it is only upon those people that dosent have any islamic background!!!!!! But this is a False statement.

    An illiterate in the world of Islamic understanding is someone who live by, and worship his heart. The purpose of our existence is to worship Allah.

    So, the whole of our worldly commitments must be pleasing to Allah Almighty.

    This so called ABAYA or the stylish Hijab is introduced by the enemies of Islam just to corrupt the beautiful culture in the Ideal Islamic dressing thereby throwing your NAKEDNESS on the street, encrypting the name with “FASHION”!

  3. Deniz

    No one has yet mentioned that in Islam it is wrong to splurge on such items! Rather than spending so much on an item of clothing you could be feeding the poor, for example. It is such a waste and wasting anything is also wrong. In the same way, buying A LOT of clothing items for cheap and then not wearing them (something many of us do) is also wrong.

    As Muslims we are supposed to look neither poor nor rich. If you look poor people feel sorry for you which is not right. And if you look rich people feel like they’re not good enough, and so it is always best to wear clothing that is in between these two extremes, when possible. Of course in then case of someone who actually is poor, then it is best that they dress as clean and presentable as possible, even if it is the same garment worn over and over again.

  4. Mona

    I have to admit I tried to make me a DAS abaya and was unable too,lol. The cut did not work out correctly. I ended up buying one for 2500 dirhams, but it’s so worth it. I love the signature design. The cut is fabulous.

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  6. Jodi

    I can’t imagine paying so much. I think I would try to make it myself first! You can find so much on line that is comparable to these styles for so much less money. Then again I have never had the type of income that would afford me such a luxury. Even if I did (with my same mindset) I would rather have a bargain and get many for half the price! Now people who grow up with money probably don’t think the same and perhaps $1,000 for one piece of clothing is ‘normal’ to them. Different strokes for different folks right? It would be great to just try one on though!!! 🙂

  7. Mariam Sobh

    I guess it’s all relative to how much money people have. Sometimes I look back at my student days and think how at that time I couldn’t imagine spending more than $10 or $15 for shoes. Then when I started working I felt like I could afford to spend a little more. But N, I think you’re definitely right, there are very nice fancy abayas that you can buy cheaper.

  8. N

    Even if I was extremely rich, I wouldn’t spend so much money on an article of clothing. You can get nice abayas for much cheaper and spend the rest of the money on other things.

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