Long sleeve shirts that aren’t boring

We’ve compiled some shirts from all around that are a great take on the old classic button down or long sleeve tee.

No need to have to wear a plain unimaginative top if you can pair one of these beauties with your favorite jeans, dress pants or skirt.

Parisian Pleat Shirt $29.99

Parisian Pleat Shirt

Toscana Top $19.99

Toscana Top

Embroidered Color Tunic $139.00

Embroidered Tunic

Beaded Tunic Shirt $109.00

Beaded Tunic

Tip: If something is low-cut, you can easily find a matching short sleeve t-shirt or tank top to wear underneath and no one will know!

If you’re good at color coordinating your hijab and outfit, you could contrast the tank top you wear under the low cut shirt, with your scarf.

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  1. clare

    This comment is a little late, but I thought I’d mention something that I do with low-cut tops…I couldn’t find any tanks that were cut high enough, I bought some cheap crew-neck tees from Target and Old Navy and cut cut off the sleeves. Works great under v-necks, hoodies, etc. 😀

  2. Jodi

    These shirts are beautiful. I just wish they would make some like these for petite women because always having to alter long sleeves gets tiring! Unless the sleeve comes over to the top of the thumb with frills/ruffles then it’s flattering.

  3. Mariam Sobh

    Yeah I like it too.. it’s very simple. It’s killing me that there are tons of great things these days but my belly is getting too big hehe.. hopefully this stuff will be around after the baby lol.

  4. Fatin

    I love the Parisian pleat shirt, hijabi’s can wear it with with no aditions. Thanks a lot

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