Shades of gray

According to Piperlime, gray is the new color coming your way!

What’s great is that it can easily be paired with many things.

One of our favorite color combinations is gray and pink.

Here are some ideas for bringing a little gray to your day (and it doesn’t have to be gloomy):

  • Wear a light gray hijab with a pink top and dark gray trouser pants or a white skirt.
  • Wear a shayla style gray hijab with your black abaya for a unique look.
  • Put gray colored shoes on that have a bit of sparkle and let them be the part of your outfit that sticks out.
  • Carry a gray patent handbag.
  • Put on some gray eyeshadow lightly on your lids and then line your eyes with black eyeliner to make your eyes pop.

Do you have any other ways you’d incorporate this color?

Remember to make sure it matches with your overall outfit. It can pretty much mix with most colors, but you have to make sure what shade of gray you’re using.

If it looks awkward, then it probably is!

Tip: Gray can also be considered part of the silver family… but the idea here is to go more for the subtle shade rather than the metallic.

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  1. Jodi

    I’ve seen a woman wearing a gray and light blue outfit recently. She wore a plain grey hijab with light blue big hoop earrings. I thought it looked petty nice on her.

  2. Mariam Sobh

    ooh yeah! I like that combo..

  3. Nadia Malik

    Yellow also works really well with gray.

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