Jewel tones for Fall 2009

We know it may seem like we’re obsessed with Old Navy, but this store has got great clothes and the amount of things you can mix and match is amazing!

Here is an outfit for Fall 2009 where jewel tones are set to make a comeback.

jewel tones for fall 2009

From top (L-R): V-neck tee $10.00 from Old Navy, cut out ballet flat $15.00 from Old Navy, scarf $10.00 from Old Navy, belted trench $49.50 from Old Navy, perfect fit tee $4.99 from Old Navy, cord trousers $29.50 from Old Navy.

Tip: When selecting a scarf it doesn’t have to be exactly the same shade as your shirt or whatever other item you’re planning to match it to. If it’s a few shades lighter or darket it creates a nice contrast.

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  1. Nadia

    Love the colors! I may go out and get this. 🙂
    I saw a girl at the masjid today wearing a gray shirt and a turquoise hijab. I loved that combo.

  2. Mariam Sobh

    I love the Old Navy trench coats.. I wish I could buy one, but I gotta wait till the baby comes, not use shopping now 🙁

  3. clare

    Very nice! I got my trench at Old Navy back in the spring, and it’s perfect (especially for the price)!

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