Veggies and dip always make a great snack

Ramadan Recipes

Or they make a great item on the menu when it comes time to break your fast.

Often times we forget to eat nutritious things in Ramadan because we rush to break our fast, pray, and bust into dinner. And usually dinner is full of foods we’ve been craving all day i.e. fried, fried and fried. 🙂

But try this trick next time.

When you break your fast, take some time to digest your dates and then eat some veggies and dip. The crunch from the fresh vegetables and the nice dip will make you feel so much better.

Click here to watch a past episode of Hijabtrendz Television where we featured the veggies and hummus option. YUM!

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  1. caraboska

    PS I am talking about little straight pins of the kind one uses for sewing, not safety pins or hijab pins with a clasp.

  2. caraboska

    The potential problem I see is not the metal, but how sharp the pins are… See, after I put on hijab this weekend, I discovered my passport had expired (in May, no less), so I am getting ready to renew it. And I figure if it’s better to travel in an al-Amira for security reasons, I probably need to get or make one before I have the pics taken…

  3. Mariam Sobh

    I’ve never had a problem with pins in my hijab at the airport or any other security thing. I believe they only beep for specific types of metal, I’ve even worn metal hair clips and haven’t had a problem. But I guess it’s always good to be on the safe side. I will definitely put up an article on this topic and leave it open to others to add their comments as well 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  4. caraboska

    PS For dessert we had raspberry tarts with cream inside. From the bakery downstairs.

  5. caraboska

    But tonight I just made a fruit salad with raspberries, peaches and wildberry yogurt. Didn’t feel like putting the food processor together and making the hummus 😀 Especially not since one of my best friends here in Poland was over to talk…

    While I think of it, could I ask you to do a little feature on how to travel while wearing hijab and avoid problems of various kinds? For example, should we wear an al-Amira to avoid using pins which would get the security people upset? Should we have some kind of official statement on our person stating that the headcovering in the passport picture is of religious character? And all that other stuff a beginning hijabi wouldn’t know to ask about but would be good to keep in mind 🙂

  6. Mariam Sobh

    I’m so hungry now for veggies and hummus right now for breakfast lol.

  7. caraboska

    I admit to not having dates in my cupboards at the moment, so I proceed immediately to the veggies and dip part, specifically: hummus with a carrot. I also put some of the hummus on bread with tomato on top.

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