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I love Sunday night TV. Now that Mad Men’s back, it’s a must-watch night. But even before that started up a few weeks ago, there were two shows that I became obsessed with over the summer.

I jokingly call the back-to-back viewing my “fat night.” (I hope no one is offended by that.)
First, there’s “Ruby.” I can’t believe I didn’t know about this show until just this summer. The Style Network show follows a woman in Savannah, Georgia, who used to weigh 700 pounds. Now she’s close to 350.

But that’s not why this show is awesome. There are millions of inspirational weight loss programs out there. The reason I love Ruby is because she’s just so loveable.

She’s been through a lot, but she has a great attitude. She’s also got the Southern drawl and friends and family who obviously support her.
That’s another reason to love the show: It’s a very honest and normal portrayal of someone who’s overweight. She has her struggles, but she’s also just living her life, like everyone else.

Which brings me to the second show I love. I know people are going to laugh at this one, but I know SO many people who are also addicted to “Drop Dead Diva.” It’s one of those shows I just came across on Lifetime, and I couldn’t stop watching. It’s a ridiculous premise:  A young, pretty and thin woman dies at the same time as an overweight one, and the skinny woman’s soul goes into the bigger body. And yet, I can’t stop watching.

Again, it’s an obvious attempt to make a commentary about what “normal” sizes should be. And that’s fine. But I’m glad that they at least do it in a fun way.

I know, if you’re skeptical about watching, I don’t blame you. But if you do decide to check it out, I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to stop.

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  1. Nadia Malik

    It’s so funny to me how much Lifetime I watch now!
    But yeah I think a lot of shows are easily accessible by DVD. I’d recommend watching the first season of Ruby. 🙂

  2. Jodi

    I wish I had cable TV to enjoy these shows because they sound so interesting! Years ago I used to watch Lifetime and I enjoyed the shows on there. Nice to see that you can enjoy them! I think I would enjoy watching them too! Right now I’m feeling good about at least having Neflix! Hey, perhaps it will come out on DVD as a TV series! 🙂

  3. Mariam Sobh

    I always wanted to see that show Ruby but we don’t get that channel 🙁
    I haven’t attempted to see Drop Dead Diva because I thought it was a lifetime movie special I didn’t realize it’s an actual series lol.

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