Broken computer, NYC Fashion Week, and maternity fashion flaws

Behind the Screen

I used to hate Mac computers. I only used a PC and that was it. I had no desire to ever do anything differently. However, we ended up getting a Mac and now I’m stuck on it.

I never knew how dependent I’d become upon that laptop until it decided to die. Now I’m using my husband’s PC laptop from work and it’s just not the same. I really hope the Mac can be fixed, we’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s kind of sad how reliant I am on that piece of hardware, I should definitely take a break from all kinds of electronics and get back to nature.

I was hoping to attend New York Fashion Week (it starts the 10th), but I’m not really supposed to be traveling long distances as it’s getting closer to my due date. Having to reject the invitation was the hardest thing to do, but I did learn about how the system works so that I’ll be better prepared the next time I apply to attend the event. Anyone want to go with me next year? 🙂

Lately, I’ve become really interested in relaxation techniques and the types of music that just help you feel at ease. If you’re interested in some good picks then follow me on twitter and we can share in the conversation.


My other new obsession thanks to a friend who came over for iftar the other night, is Ben and Jerry’s “Karamel Sutra” flavored ice cream. It’s not a good obsession because I want to go out right now and buy another container just for myself. I only have a small amount of time before the baby is due and I’ve really got to keep from piling on the pounds.

Speaking of baby stuff, some of you have written asking me to do some more posts on maternity fashion. I used to write them more often, but lately I’ve been feeling really annoyed with it. I actually realized that I despise maternity clothes. Occasionally you can find nice things, and if you’re working you really want to find decent outfits, but in general they do not fit the way you want.

I can’t tell you how sick and tired I am of hiking my pants up and they keep falling down because someone decided if you’re pregnant everything should be made of stretch (and we all know stretch gets ruined in the dryer) . ARGH!

Or the fact that some outfits are just big billowy bags that make you look larger. And how about the nice clothes that cost a small fortune when you’re only going to use them for maybe 4-6 months?

The worst part is that people who’ve never experienced pregnancy are usually the ones pushing the clothing or trying to tell you how you should put your outfit together. Double ARGH!

I’ll get off my soap box now, I think it’s time for my nap.

All this venting has made me very tired and the baby is kicking me like nobody’s business.

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  1. Jodi

    I mostly used clothes that were not maternity because of the lack of anything interesting. Someone pregnant should start a line! I’ve never heard of Karamel Sutra and I’ll have to look for that. I think Chunky Monkey has been around awhile. I just look at the container and gain 5 lbs. Sigh…. I would love to have a Mac because I’ve heard so many good things about them. Take us all with you Mariam! Perhaps we can get group rates! lol Hold on sister your time is coming….

  2. ummu fathima

    I know its annoying to get maternity wear.Regarding maternity wear,there is’destination maternity’ and old navy has some.Many women clothing stores have them..maybe few in number but need to ask them.Thats how my friend and i purchased maternity clothes 🙂

  3. caraboska

    Oh, I love Chunky Monkey too!

  4. Fatima

    hahaha this post was hilarious 🙂 – @ clothes for preggy women I loved Elizabeths outfits on “The view” Throughout her pregnancy I thought she looked fab….but I can relate to the issues 🙂
    best of luck for the new baby -enjoy!

  5. Sarah Husain

    aaaaaaaaaaa I do not get how you use a MAC lolzzz!!! ~ I do get the Ben & Jerry craving though & I say enjoy it while you are preggers….:P and you are so right about preggy clothes, very annoying I really prefer not being pregnant, nothing looks right especially in the 3rd tri…nevertheless enjoy the kicks, ’cause before you know it will be overrrrrr…

  6. Mariam Sobh

    OK so I broke down and bought some today along with a new flavor I don’t think I’ve tried called Chunky Monkey.. I’m afraid I may end up eating both containers before the night is over lol.

    Nazihah I did see that project runway episode and I happened to like the outfit that won the challenge.. hmm maybe I can dig out my creative side and put some outfits together hehe.

  7. Zainab

    Never tried the stuff! Will get my hands on it soon. Always looking for the sweet stuff in ramadhan. That is so awesome that you got invited to fashion week. Take me next time pweetty phleeeeeeeez 🙂

  8. Naziehah

    I love Karamel Sutra too. I used to eat them all the time when I was in the UK. Now that I am going back, I am definitely get myself a carton or two 😉

    And about maternity clothes, I am afraid I have nothing much to contribute to the discussion. Oh, although I saw a great collection of them in the latest Project Runway challenge. Maybe you should check that episodes for inspiration 😉

  9. caraboska

    I LOVE Karamel Sutra! I’ll have to have some next time in the States – because I live in a country completely devoid of Ben and Jerry’s…

  10. Zeena

    You are too funny! Maternity fashion is hard to believe sometimes
    I mean look at how they model it. I doubt those women had kids.
    And take me to fashion week next year pleeeease 🙂

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