Muslim Celebrity News: New Muslim Cool in Russia

New Muslim Cool just made its debut at the Fifth Annual Golden Minbar Film Festival in Russia.

According to New Muslim Cool director/producer Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, “Set in Kazan, the beautiful capital city of the republic of Tatarstan some 450 miles east of Moscow, the Golden Minbar is billed as the world’s biggest festival of Muslim cinema

Who would have thought that Muslims in Russia held a film festival? You learn something new everyday!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch New Muslim Cool it’s a great documentary that follows the life of a Muslim hip hop artist and the struggles and triumphs throughout his personal and spirtual journey.

You can read more about it and watch the trailer here, and you can check also out the Hijabtrendz exclusive interview with the film’s director.

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    @ Sera I agree it was a great movie. But I wonder for non-Muslims who watch it, it may come off as a little too strong. Sometimes I feel like we Muslims “get it” in terms of different types of Muslims and the ways the practice Islam, but outsiders may see it as something negative.
    For those who haven’t seen them movie you may not know what I’m talking about lol. But I did enjoy learning more about Hamza Perez and his journey to Islam, I’d heard his music before but had no idea about the story behind it.

  2. sera

    awesome movie… my sister ended up buying it for me because i kept telling everyone about it everywhere, lol, the night it was premiering i told everybody like twice and updated my facebook like 5 times :). I just love promoting postives things about islam, especially things like this that alot of people can relate to. alot of people i know just think of islam as being foreign as well as the people that practice it and we all know the typical stigmas people that dont know about islam have. this is just really great i hope she does more documentaries that would be cool to have like a small series of different american muslims with their stories that people of all backgrounds can somehow relate to.

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