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It seems like the department stores will have some amazing looks this Spring, at least judging by the outfits at the “Designers of Chicago” runway show presented by Macy’s Thursday during the annual Fashion Focus Chicago program.

The show at Millennium Park featured established and newer designers from around the city.

One of my favorite designers was Jermikko. I liked the clean lines and simple colors of this look. Plus, the music, Flunk by Blue Monday, set the mood for the outfits.

Jermikko at Fashion Focus Chicago

The line also provided the hands-down best look of the show in this amazing dress.



I mentioned in the live Twitter Feed that designer Lara Miller used a lot of mesh, in keeping with the sheer look that’s coming into style. Although that’s hard for Muslims to pull off sometimes, I think it can be done with a shirt underneath and still look nice.


One thing Sadya, who joined me at the show, and I both noticed was that designers used plenty of muted colors, which is odd for Spring. However, 5p1t went in the opposite direction with this luscious green color.


Actually, 5p1t had some really nice styles that I enjoyed.


One sour note was the outfits made for plus-size women. I applaud Tennille White for working with that market, but I feel like designers don’t understand that nobody, regardless of their size, wants to look like a box.

However, this model worked her outfit and was, in the words of Tyra Banks, fierce.


The crowd definitely appreciated her attitude as well. Which is always a good lesson: No matter what you’re wearing, own it. Confidence is everything.

Lauren Lein also proved that tweed is still in, and I especially love it in this long, colorful coat and the textured look of this dress.



Anna Hovet brought in some color and a younger look, although the only Muslim element is the psuedo-hijab.

I also like the color panels on these Furio designs.

Audey was also one of the show favorites, and it was a great ending to the show, with flowery, Spring colors and umbrellas, which were definitely appropriate for the rainy day. I also love the asymmetrical shirts.



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