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When I was in college, I really wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. It was something I had always wanted to do, simply because I think it looks nice.
Although my parents have always been pretty laid back about piercings (I have several in my ears that I got at a pretty young age), I figured they wouldn’t be ecstatic about the eyebrow one.

So, being in college and away from home, I finally got the piercing without telling my parents.

At this point in my life, I had been wearing hijab for a few years. I wasn’t sure if hijab and a strange piercing went together, but I definitely don’t regret it. As a matter of fact, my scarf hid most of the ring anyway, so nobody noticed it unless they really observed my face. But, this brought up an issue when I was talking to a couple friends recently. I was asking if they would care if their children had piercings or dressed in a unique way or had an extreme style.

I don’t think I would mind. The way I see it, outer appearance is very arbitrary and not something to go crazy over. Plus, everyone goes through rebellious phases in their lives. It’s normal to try something new until you find out what you’re comfortable with.

I feel like wearing hijab also gives you a chance to try things like strange hair colors or haircuts that you’d normally be worried about. It gives us freedom to not have to worry about a cut that doesn’t work out.

But what do you guys think? Do you think piercings and purple hair (another thing I tried in college) have a place with hijab?

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  1. SunKissed


    I googled piercing hijab and was linked to your site. I am happy to find a hijabi who persuased in getting a piercing. For a while i wanted a tragus piercing (ear)…but postponed it because it looked like a big deal to me. Because the hole will be there for the rest of your life and the second reason was that everytime i looked in the mirror i would see it..since its placed in an obvious place.

    Lately i want to get a piercing under my right lip. I want to place a small tiny diamond-ish stone. Why? In the beginning i hated piercings in the faces, specially the eyebrow (looks ugly), the nose ( so not unique…everyone has it) and above the lip ( kinda looked like a little bugger). But since i started a new school i met a classmate of mine who had a little piercing underneath her lip…i loved it….because hers was little and was hard to see. But i wasn’t immediatly drawn to it. Until a few weeks ago. I hope i get the courage to do it one day….when i no longer live at home lol. I’m sure my mum would kill me. She also doesn’t allow me to get the tragus piercing…i wonder how she would react if i get a lippiercing.

    Anywayz, am up for the simple almost invisible piercing wether you are a hijabi or a non-hijabi. And no matter what… you should do it for your self and not to enhance your beauty or anything. Me getting a lip piercing would give met the feeling of strength…like i can handle things. Its hard to discribe…like no one can mess with me lol.

    Anyhow…im 3 years to late for your post. But i wish everyone the best. And remember…less….is…..more 😀

  2. Farah

    Wow, am I glad I decided to google “eyebrow piercing hijab”. I’ve wanted an eyebrow piercing for a very long time, but have heard everything from “it’s not Islamically acceptable” to “its much too sexy for a hijabi” (which I don’t get). I kind of reconciled myself to just getting my tragus pierced, but even just today when I was looking those up, I was still drawn to eyebrow piercings. I think I’ll go tragus, see how that works out, and then maybe eyebrow. I just hate that I kinda sorta care what people in my (very conservative and gossipy) community are gonna say. But still, SO glad to see there are other hijabis like me out there!

  3. Nadia

    I’m glad there are other people out there like me. 🙂 I remember when I first saw a cheek piercing. It looks kind of like a permanent tear drop. But I like the look.
    But Aisha I know what you’re saying about hijabis having a different standard. In a way you do have to be careful of the image you’re portraying. But I like the fact that wearing hijab doesn’t mean you can’t still do many things.
    Mariam, your story is funny because my mom took me to get the second and third piercings in my ears. She was all behind them. But when I wanted my cartillage pierced she absolutely refused. And I remember I was so confused because what’s the difference? It’s just one extra piercing in my ears. Eventually my aunt took me, and my mom yelled at her a bit but didn’t really care about it in the end.
    But to answer your question, I had the eyebrow ring just for a little while my final year in college. I think most people didn’t even notice it because it was mostly covered by my hijab.

  4. Mariam Sobh

    I remember getting a second hole pierced in each ear and then getting the top of my ear pierced when I was 17. I was so excited to finally get them but my dad was not happy at all. I tried to cover my ears with my hair and one day I forgot and my dad was all “what is this?? You have more than one piercing? This is not right, you should only have one.”
    Needless to say I had to take the earrings out lol.

    I don’t have problems with piercings personally, but as a customer in a places like restaurants I think it’s absolutely unappetizing to see someone sucking on their tongue ring or have huge rings pierced in their nose with little beads dangling from it.

    BTW Nadia I never noticed you pierced your eyebrow? I remember going through a phase of wanting one, I also wanted a belly button ring .. but I’m glad I never did the latter. I have a friend who’s ring ripped her belly button area when she was preggers.. OUCH!

  5. bb_aisha

    When I was 18 I really wanted to get my eyebrow pierced, but didn’t follow through with it.
    I’m now 27 & still contemplating it.
    My youngest sister recently pierced her upper cheek-it’s to the right of her cheekbone just below her eye. She did it in South Korea, and my dad freaked out when she returned. But it looks fine.

    I’m the only hijabi in my family, and it’s funny how others think it ok if my sisters do things, but think it strange if I do the same. (Within Sharia boundaries for all)

    I doubt I’ll mind, provided it’s Islamically acceptable.

  6. cecilia

    I would not mind. Since it is not something you show (the hair) and piersings. Well personally I would not mind. I also have a few. one in my nose but I did take it away, not because I am muslim but it irritated me. I think one should be do that if they feel comfortable with it and if the intention is ggod and only allah knows our true intentions

  7. Nadia

    I don’t wear it anymore. Sometimes I wish I still had it, but it probably wouldn’t go too well with in professional world. Which is a bit sad really, because I feel like people all look the same once they start working.
    And that’s a very good point. Nose piercings just happen to be more culturally accepted. Actually, my mom told me that my great-grandmother had at least a dozen piercings in her ear. It was the culture at the time. And probably the reason my parents didn’t care when I wanted two and three holes in my ears.
    And that’s a very cute story about your friend’s daughter. 🙂

  8. Kelly

    Why not? I actually dyed my hair a couple of weeks ago and it came out red. Ronald McDonald red. I was sooooo thankful for hijab that day lol.

    Alhamdulillah it faded and looks much better!

    So do you still wear your eyebrow ring? I had mine pierced but don’t wear it and haven’t in years.

    What is the big dif between an eyebrow, a nose and an ear? It’s all skin lol. Why is it acceptable to pierce your nose but not your eyebrow?

    I have a good friend who is non hijabi, but her middle school age daughter chose to wear hijab. She’s such a nice mom, she let her daughter get a purple streak in her hair. It was adorable!

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