Want to win this Abaya?

Note: (If you want to know more about the following abaya company you can listen here to our exclusive interview with them last year.)

Hijabtrendz and Aab bring you this great Eid Al Adha giveaway! It’s the Marzipan Abaya.

A special treat for our dear readers…and we’ll draw the winner based on the following criteria:

All you have to do is post a comment about your favorite feature on Hijabtrendz. Is it the exclusive interviews with hijab fashion designers? Outfit montages? Personal life stories? Video messages? Podcasts? You tell us!

We’ll take all the comments and pull one randomly as the winner. This contest is open to everyone.

Last day to enter is Thursday November 26th at midnight central standard time. Enjoy and best of luck!

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  1. shaistha samreen

    I am basically a muslima Alhamdulillah..and I always love to wear abayas..and ur trendz are really awesome and I want to win this because I want to feel this…jazakAllah..

  2. Noor Malkawi

    It wa nice abaya..even that was old post I would like to comments. hope to see more tyles.


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  5. Jodi

    I like the overall feel of Hijabtrendz. I feel that everyone is welcomed here and that there is no pretense to be something you’re not. The stories, articles and comments are real and honest. I feel I can relax here and find peace in the midst of my hectic day. I feel like we area family even though we don’t know or see each other personally. I also love the fashion sense, wide range of material offered (from music to what’s good for you to eat!). The experience behind the thought provoking post and the ‘you can teach us something too’ type of attitude makes it easy for me to come back here day after day. I’m just glad to be a part of it all and that I’ve found a place here. Thanks.

  6. safia

    I am alll about personal stories! I really enjoy your life hahaha keep them coming!

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  8. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments 🙂 It’s good to know what you like so that we can keep posting things that are of interest to you! Deadline is approaching to enter so spread the word!

  9. niloufer

    Eid Mubarak! i started reading ur blog recently but have been hooked since. i like most of the features but the one thing i like best are stories of ur life.

  10. zainab

    Salam everyone! I love Hijabtrendz and have been a faithful reader for a while now..I love how you mix it up Mariam to give us a bit of health/wellness advice, entertainment, new fashion trends, bring to light muslim fashion designers, personal stories and video updates. I love everything. The diverse posts definitely single your blog out as the best for me as a reader! Mostly i love love love how you keep me updated with the best deals on fashion. That for me is the ‘piece de resistance’ of your blog and saves me the hassle of finding good fashionable deals. Keep doing what you do and Happy EidGiving 🙂

  11. fatima

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I love all of it. Being a muslim for 2 years this site has offered a lot of beneficial information especially with wearning the hijab. I really like the videos and how to’s. The stories are also great. I have gotten a lot from this site. Thanks!!

  12. Donna

    I love all of it, meaning I love the voriety and different topics, especially the personal stories.

  13. Amoul

    I love your personal stories! I feel they add so much to the blog because they normalize the experience of being a Muslim woman who wears hijab. I also enjoy the constant updates; it makes it fun to check out the blog every day knowing something new will be up! Keep up the good work!

  14. hina

    I check this website everyday and always look forward to the fashion and shopping tips. I love how you list the stores and prices so we know exactly where to go to find everything. Thanks for providing us with such a valuable resource 🙂

  15. sera

    i agree there are many hijab fashion blogs but the majority are just that, fashion. mariam brings it with the interviews though i have to admit, i havent seen many sites with intervies like hers but i have also stopped lookin once i was put on to this site here, lol. mariam dont you have another blog that is more ‘personal’? i thought i saw a post about it before, seems we all love the behind the scenes the best, it is nice to see another muslimah thinking out loud 🙂

  16. Eloquence

    many blogs have the whole hijab trendz thing going, while i like it, honostly,I think the personal stories part is my favorite. some of them i feel i can connect to, others give me insight on how another muslimah is living her life, and yet others make me go ” omg, i thought my family was the only one that does that” and then i’m not so embaressed anymore 😛 seriously though nothing puts a personality to the person behind the computer screen better than personal sotries!

  17. malika

    As salaamu alaykum-
    I Love this site and the hijab ideas and video tutorials are great. <3

  18. sera


    wow i like behind the scenes the most too! honestly those are my fav posts and after that comes the neat fashion findings like the sweater hijabs you just saw at zara’s. over all i like the fact i can come on here just about everyday and see something new like the sister who just did the icover book. this is a great blog that is very informative in the entertainment aspect and i can find new ideas from, because i dont have alot of time to be looking in all kinds of places, lol.

  19. Sana K

    salaamu alaykum

    i love hijab trendz..this is one of the only blogs i know of that has constant updates:) mashaAllah!

    I love love love pop culture hijabi posts, along with behind the screen stories.

    Keep up the great work!

    Sana K

  20. Asra

    I love reading the personal live stories.

  21. Lima

    Salaam alaikum – this blog rocks! I would hate to single out one particular thing but I really want that gorgeous abaya so I will say I love your videos the most. Keep up the good work and thanks for all that you do.

  22. Fatin

    my favorite is the Tuesday column Behind the screen.. i think it is juicy 🙂

  23. Mariam Sobh

    Thanks ladies for catching that! 🙂 I dunno where my mind was lol I was looking at the calendar and thought I put it for the end of next week. So yeah the deadline is Thursday November 26th.

  24. aminath


    i was gonna ask the same question. mariyam could you please clarify about the date error

  25. fa

    assalamu alaykum ayoyyyyyyyy i love this abaya. i was just looking at it the other day. but it is so expensive. for me, i love the most your videos stories. there are many hijabi sites out there on the internet. they do interview with designers, they post sets. and everything but what stands out is your weekly video message. i love it. although it is short. i think the intro takes up most of the time, lol. do you do it on purpose? anyway yeh i love it. because it makes me relate more to the site. you are far and yet close to us by those weekly vids. and i think bloggers are starting to mimic you lol masha’Allah

  26. Mimie

    As Salaamu ‘Alaykum,

    It looks as if you just posted this today, but the deadline for entering the competition was Thursday the 19th, is that correct?

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