Hijab Fashion Fix: Kanzi showcases abayas at Saks

Note: Images and text provided for Hijabtrendz by Kanzi


Kanzi’s magical ‘Fairytales’ collection dazzled guests at the launch of Saks Fifth Avenue’s event – ‘Snowflake Spectacular’.

Following the highly successful Dubai Fashion Week and Fashion Expo Arabia last month, Kanzi showcased a stunning Swarovski-encrusted abaya and jalabiya, specially created for this Holiday Season event.

A royal blue jalabiya, made of exquisite chiffon and silk, boasted various shades of Swarovski crystals from light sapphire to silver satin.


The abaya, made from a blend of silks, featured completely crystallized shoulders of different shades and shapes of Swarovski crystals including cosmic and galactic oval. Unique black leggings, also encrusted with different shapes of crystal, accompanied the abaya.


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  1. Mariya

    How much is this fr n whr can i gt it frm

  2. Ranna

    How can I purchase such a beautiful abaya I love the royal blue color and would love to own one.

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  4. Dara

    un-Islamic response: “jealous!”
    Islamic response: masha Allah! May I be safe from coveting worldly goods

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