Friday Video Message: Easy hijab tips

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Esma: 2 piece hijabs are all over the internet if you’re lookign for them. just type in “al amirah hijab” that’s what it’s called.

    V: I have no idea if there is a name for the one piece. I only happen to find them randomly here and there. No one seems to think they’re a big deal, but really they are quite practical when you need something that’s not fussy.

    I’ll try to see where to get some from. Maybe we can have them in our next giveaway 🙂

  2. Esma

    hi,i want to learn where u guys find those 2 piece hijabs in America?i did never see in my country(turkey) but now i came to US and i could not find it here also??

  3. Kelly

    Mariam iA I’ll try to put together a couple of tutorials this week, but basically you just pin it straight down.

    In fact you can easily rock a pashmina with zero pins (depending on the garment though, can’t use slippery fabric).

    Thankfully it didn’t take a swim, but was probably about 2mm away from a dunk. I shudder the thought of wearing a pee hijab. I know to carry extra clothes for the little one in my bag, but who knew you need a spare hijab too? lol.

    Is that el Jeeb? I love that store.

    Facebook me your addy, I want to send you a sample or two…

  4. sebahat

    dear mariam sobh , ? want to learn how wear muslims only ? want to take your ?dea and models namely how can ? cap scarf if you help me ? w?ll felling happy. already thanks you…

  5. v

    I really like the one your wearing in this video…Im all for simple…does it have a name or can you link to where to find it online….? it looks like it would also be good under hoods or a under more loose hijabs…I have a toddler pulling anything she can get her hands on so Im on the lookout for theese…

  6. Mariam Sobh

    Kelly… how do you fasten it with a straight pin under the chin? Those things freak me out. I only use them to fasten the wrap scarves on top. LOL at the scarf in the toilet. Man how did you survive that? Did you have to rinse it out and use the hand dryer? Sounds like something that would have happened to me haha.

    Fara.. I know what you mean about the 2 pieces. I also use safety pins to make them smaller. You can kind of fold it over to hide the safety pin and it looks pretty good.

    As for the video I’m wearing a one piece, maybe it fit perfectly because I was all bloated and my face got big during pregnancy loool. But it’s really easy to wear it’s just a hood you put on. I found a few randomly at this local hijab shop that I visit once every 3 years haha.

  7. farah

    I have those 2 piece hijabs I got for ease and comfort. But they are too big on me and I have to pin it to make it tighter. Then it makes it look weird. lol. The way you are wearing it looks nice though

  8. Kelly

    I do not own a one piece hijab.

    When Adeila was still super small I would just wear a two piece amira. That way she’s not pulling it off too easily etc.

    Normally my super easy hijab look is a pashmina. Throw on an underscarf (or you can go without, use a straight pin at the chin (safety pins snag) wrap twice and you can pin or tuck at the chin.

    I do expect I’ll be deviating away from this based on potty training. I had a near miss today at a restaurant with the hijab “tail” going for a dunk *gag*.

    No matter what you do ladies don’t go out in sloppy pilly lumpy dumpy frumpy al amira (or any hijab like that ladies!). While we are supposed to dress modestly it doens’t mean UGLY, ill fitting, etc.

    If you’re going to the gym wear whatever though lol.

  9. aminath

    i cant access to this video…it says that its a private video.


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