Pop Culture Hijabi: Loving those leggings

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There are always going to be fashion trends that I can’t get behind. The ’80s look, for example. I hated it in the ’80s, and I hate it now. I just don’t think the looks are flattering on anyone.

But, of course, there are those trends that I start out hating and then see enough of that they grow on me. I’ve talked about Uggs already. I still think they’re hideous, and I will never understand why people in California wear them while also wearing shorts, but I can see their practicality.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I may also be coming around on leggings. I still hate them most of the time, but I actually own a couple pairs now. I will say that I didn’t buy them. They were free when I bought some other items. When I got them, I figured I would use them as thermal and only wear them in really cold weather under pants or skirts. But then I tried a pair on with an outfit I had, and I really liked how it looked.

Of course, the leggings are just below the knee, so I wouldn’t wear them in public. And I know I’ve seen Muslim girls wear longer leggings with dresses, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.

But I couldn’t believe that I actually liked how the leggings looked.

Now, I must go hide in shame.

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  1. romaseba

    How did these girls you saw outside pair the leggings and dresses together? Like did they wear long dresses or…?

  2. Nadia

    Thanks Zeynub! That does sound like a good idea for athletes. They’d probably work well under long shorts for swimming as well.
    Kubra, I agree I still hate how they look. But in the snow, Uggs are very useful.
    Mariam, I’m hardly an expert! Haha but mine were free from New York and Company. I’m guessing you can get them from anywhere: H&M or Forever 21 or Express.

  3. kubra

    I hate off this Uggs too really and I dont think I’m going to love them 😀 I think when Its wear on foot It seems like an animal’s foot like bear’s or whatelse don’t be offened about who they wear It, but I’m really think like this! 😀 There are more beautiful boots, I can’t understand why is people wear this ugly Uggs! :D( I’m sorry from wearer 🙂 )

  4. Zeynub

    Lol, I love your weekly columns Nadia. I plan on getting loose tights to wear with basket ball or bermuda shorts. At first I didn’t get the whole trend either, but now… I love it!

  5. Mariam Sobh

    Lol Nadia with the leggings. You are cracking me up! 🙂

    I had no idea they were back in style. I remember awhile back reading about them and especially the whole Lindsay Lohan legging line that was supposedly a failure.

    Maybe I’ll give them a try. Do you recommend any brands or places to get them?

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