Like it or Leave it: Veilkini-another modest swimsuit

Most of you have probably seen all sorts of Islamic swimsuits out on the market and although they may look pretty similar, it all comes down to the name it seems.
Check out the “Veilkini Swimsuit” that Bahiya Collections is selling.

One of the unique features for this suit is the fact that you can attach the shirt from inside so that it hooks to the pants which means you don’t have to worry about your shirt floating up when you hit the water.


What do you think? Like it or Leave it?

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  1. Kelly

    ASA Anne!
    Thanks for your comments. It’s always nice to get feedback from our customers, and we do listen and take action based on that.
    We will be adding the FAQ to our website about “what should I wear with my Alsharifa swimsuit” within the next day or two. As for adding a shelf bra, we did attempt a design utilizing this, but as an actual user of the product I personally found that I would prefer my own foundation garments for comfort and performance. A survey of our focus group produced the same conclusion.
    As far as material composition that information is currently available on our website, under the FAQ section, but I will ask our web designer if he can add a link on each swimsuit product listing. We do use polyester and spandex (spandex/lycra are the same thing).

  2. Anne


    I just received my veilkini today from Kelly at Alsharifa. It is mostly polyester (82% I think)- guess I thought it would be lycra but it is loose fitting and the tie downs are nice. I, well anyone, would definitely need a bra or suit underneath or you will be hanging all over the place – which I guess should have been obvious but I guess some have built in bras. It is lightweight, which I like although I am a little worried about transparency but I will know tomorrow when I break it out for my kids tiny tots swim class. Overall, for the price and wonderful customer service (Kelly is very nice)- it is worth it. I do think it would be nice if generally these sites had info on how to wear it (like needing something underneath) and material composition to held the buyer make a more informed decision.

  3. imnabeel

    in ref to umsaleem’s comments, one needs to pay attention to whether a swimsuit is original or not. i believe the items are knock-offs and are not the real thing, these come from Jordan.. i tried swimsuits from the middle east before and i was not happy at all, they absorbe waters quickly.. i look at the site umsaleem and i see the photos showing the fabric soaked in water highlighting the body parts!! the sharifa product shown above for veilkini is what was recommended to me at our school fashion show in NJ, and it is made in the United States per their site, i trust american fabric better than turkish, jordanian, syrian, etc. there is advanced tech here you know.. i hope this directs you better sister umsaleem..

  4. umsaleem


    waw veilkini have the newsest collection now!
    please visit


  5. Mariam Sobh

    Sorry folks didn’t see all these responses until today 🙂

    Kelly, Thank you for your clarification. I have no idea about the Veilkini or Burquini. The only Islamic swimsuit I have is Splashgear and my own homemade one.

    Elif I’m sure the burqini is nice, but I guess everyone has their own personal preferences 🙂

    Shaaista glad to hear your personal take on the outfit.

    Hind you’re right it’s quite a conundrum not just for swim wear but clothing in
    general 🙂

    lendmeurear just as I said to Elif above, I’m sure everyone has their own preferences which is why it’s great there are so many different styles. I remember a time when there was NOTHING.. and you’d see women floating around in the ocean with their jilbab or abaya on lol.

  6. Shaaista

    So I have bought and tried the Veilkini! It is pretty good! What I love about it is that the pants are not tight and sticking to your legs, unlike some other ones out there. The tunic is long enough, and the attached hood makes it so comfortable to swim in. Its makes a huge difference to me to be able to swim freely in the water, unlike when I had to piece together my own swimsuit!

    I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a modest swimwear. I also wear it when I go to the gym! So its multifunctional and affordable.

  7. hind

    Re. above post, I disagree, the longer the tunic of the islamic swimsuit, the less stylish it becomes. There is a balance point between length and style – the human eye sub-consciously is the judge on style. This is a complex issue, there is no right answer; religion, style, culture, comfort, product weight, etc. There is some merit in the above discussion as to where the balance point should be..

  8. lendmeurear

    It’s ok but I don’t know if I would take it. The top isn’t long enough for me; it should at least reach the knees in order to make me feel comfortable. I have a one-piece burqini, sort of like a diver’s suit. It comes with a long sleeveless tunic to be worn over the suit. And of course the shirt/vest can be attached from the inside to the suit/pants. That’s the way I like it.

  9. Kelly


    Wow, anymore marketing plugs? I suspect the vendors may have put the previous posts as they follow the swimsuit posts online closely.

    It is unfortunate that the vendors do not leave this space for the people that purchased the products to voice their opinion objectively. Instead, the dialogue is directed towards bias and muscle-flexing.

    I address one point here, as the Veilkini exclusive distributor for North America; the point where the Veilkini was unfairly declared as an exact copy of the burqini. This is a fabricated lie; the author fails to provide any evidence to support the claim.

    1. Does the burqini feature anti-microbial fabric?

    2. Does the burqini feature soil-release fabric?

    3. Does the burqini feature more than cheap polyester fabric? Does it contain any Spandex or other proprietary mixtures for multi-dimensional stretching?

    4. Does the burqini feature moisture management properties?

    5. Does the burqini registered design contain anything innovative? It is a synthesis of generic Islamic items; hijab, tunic, and pants. That is not rocket science. Still, Veilkini put $250k in R&D over the past 4 years experimenting with fabric to get the lightest weight possible along with best performance. Unlike the burqini, Veilkini has materials engineers among its ranks, not just art and design folks (but there are fashion designers as well). When it comes to swimsuits, FABRIC and Material is almost everything.

    6. Are the pants of the ahiida’s burqini swimsuit not tight and touching the body (not to mention the bust area)? If you are hijabii you know what this means. See the pictures at

    Veilkini addresses all of the above points. Veilkini has at least 16 design and fabric unique key points that make it superior to ahiida’s burqini. What is unique about the burqini in my eyes is that it is the most expensive swimsuit on the market. Veilkini is making these swimsuits affordable to everyone, and yet has the best qualities and features available.

    If someone would volunteer to do an objective benchmark between Veilkini and ahiida’s burqini, I would gladly donate a swimsuit towards this effort.

    Finally, to see the difference visually, please watch the following youtube video to see for yourself.

  10. Elif

    Nothing beats the real original Burqini. Aheda Zanetti has done extensive research and has come up with the best Islamic Swimsuit. Unfortunately, other people copy her designs and put a different name on it. This is an exact copy of a burqini.

    The turkish hasema is horrible. I was swimming in Turkey, with my burqini, and swam by a turkish lady with a hasema on. It’s completely see through. Eventhough she was completely inside the water you could see through the bikini she had inside. I was very saddened. And when she went out, you could see everything crystal clear. If you are looking for the best islamic swimsuit, as a designer and as someone who has tested it, wore it on a regular basis, dived in the ocean, there is nothing better then the burqini. It’s the best. Go to to order one.

  11. kubra

    Yes it is suitable for swim. There are different style of it.You can see them in these website : This website is turkish. If you want to see styles click ürünler then bayan ha?ema.

  12. Shaaista

    I’ve been looking for suitable attire for swimming for quite some time. The key for me is to find something that is comfortable and allows me to swim freely in the water. This seems like a neat product!

    I’ve seen a couple of other swimsuits out there, but the fact that this one prevents the top from rising up is great..


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