Turkish Hijab Style: Tie back

Speaking of Turkey we wanted to share with you a hijab style video that features a simple yet glamorous look.

Check it out:

Will you be trying out this style?

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  1. dunya

    this is really nice , i love Turkish stylr hijab

  2. Nina

    I’m not a muslim and my family is all Austrian (even if I do have Hungarian ancestors; my great grandmothers were from Hungary) but I LOVE those hijabs! The beautiful patterns and fabrics really amaze me! I like headscarfs in general because I’m really into the time before the 1970s and then it was the most usual thing to wear one. I hate the fact that everyone looks weardly at you around here nowadays because you’re wearing a hijab/headscarf. -.-
    Nevertheless I wear headscarfs when the weather’s bad or it’s cold or windy outside because it’s so convenient – it protects your hair and head, at the same time doesn’t destroy your hairstyle (which I’ve always hated when I was still wearing hoods a long time ago) and it looks extremely neat.

  3. Aaminah

    Turkish hijabs always look amazing, but I get really frustrated, cuz no matter what I do, I can NEVER pull it off, lol. I can only seem to pull off regular squares, and shaylas, lol.

  4. Samirah

    beautiful Hijab styles I now have a reason to invest in square hijabs.

  5. Kelly

    I’ve seen a vid like that too, actually then the stylist put glitter all over the hijab lol. I was dying.

    Here the women just wear the plastic thingy, it’s very common.

    As far as satin underscarves, you can always get the 21 inch square scarves and tie them like a bandana, I do that a lot.

    Thank God for the long sleeve tissue tee! lol

  6. Mariam Sobh

    Kelly I have the plastic file thingy.. But I actually saw another tutorial that I’ll post soon, where the woman used the plastic to hold the shape then used hairspray on the scarf and took the plastic piece out. That seems to be the ideal way to do it. I’ve tried the plastic in the scarf and it just moves around all the time and it’s so obvious. So I’m guessing the hair spray trick is the way to go.
    Cool link BTW I’ve been wondering how to get some satin under scarves.

    I used to have tons of turtlenecks as a kid, because long sleeve tops were not common for a little hijabi haha.

  7. Kelly

    here is the manufacturer on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220483831667

    ps i don’t think they look as good irl as in the picture. there are local stores herre in dearborn that carry them though

  8. Kelly

    hmmm target has turtlenecks on sale this week…i don’t actually own one believe it or not lol.

    Jodi, you don’t have to make it too tight. just pulled back enough to look streamlined.

    there is anotehr scarf called firedevs or something like that btw. it’s got the ease of the al amira two piece, but tries to look like a turkish style…let me see if i can find a link

  9. Kelly

    ah, i never thought of the plastic files. here they actually sell a “hijab enhancer” at some stores, but you dont’ have to do either.

    depending on the fabric you can use spray starch on the back side of your scarf.

    dara you can fold it to add a few extra inches to the back.

  10. aisha

    Hi Jodi, there is some trick for the front part.the trick is plactic report files.I know it is sound quite weird.some turkish girls cut off the plastic part (not colurful part of course).after tidying scarf,place it in the front part of the scarf.so it shapes perfect.you can also use some thin cartoon as well but plactic ones are preferred.good luck to you.

  11. Jodi

    I like it but I just wonder if it will make me feel like I’m choking all day long. Also, I can never get my front right for some reason and I don’t want to look old fashioned! I think it’s very modern and hip though! The scarf itself is very beautiful. I just found another scarf site that has scarves for under $20. I think it’s called Affordable Scarves and their Pashmina ones are beautiful…FYI!

  12. Gülnur

    I’m turkish but I don’t like front triangle scarf I think it doesn’t look nice and ?t’s new style in Turkey some people use it by the way I can’t speak very good english:(( sorry

  13. Mariam Sobh

    Kelly.. what about wearing a turtleneck? Or something so you don’t have to worry about that area?

    Dara lol I never thought of it like that. But I think it all depends on how you wear it. There are so many ways they style it, but I just love the way it has the front where you can contrast it with an undercap.

  14. Dara

    I cannot get used to this Turkish style. It covers the face in a weird way and it’s too short in back for my tastes. I think I’m getting an immigrant vibe from it–European immigrants to the U.S. in the early 1900s.

  15. Kelly

    I have to say, I never worked the Turkish scarf until recently and now I LOVE it. My only issue is the neck area, sometimes it slips up or your neckline bows down a bit. Anyone have any tricks?

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