Egyptian models mix faith with hijab fashion

We came across this video by AFP today on YouTube, not sure if any of you have already seen it since it is a couple of months old. They interview some hijab fashion models in Egypt and talk about the controversy of mixing faith and fashion. It probably sounds like the usual age old argument, but check it out.

You have to watch it here because AFP doesn’t allow the video to be posted.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Nasrine Golamy-Sadig

    I personallly like all the Egyption hijabi models and the other hijab styliest Nanees Selim. I think that they have all have a unique styles of their own and their own style of makeup. My oppion is that I admire all of them and I also think that they are very creative in their style of dress.

  2. ma'ruf

    the hijabtrendz is the very moderate one that is why it is more interesting”.. because that models mix faith with hijab fashion’- is like a liberal one.. it cannot be mixed with faith as faith is conservative and so strict… i hope hijabtrendz will stay moderate as possible but cool!

  3. hijabistyle

    @Hijabtrendz i like this one. Yassmin Mohsen is my fav hijabi model!

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