Hijab Fashion Fix: Hot shoes of the season

We are absolutely in love with these slip-ons. They’re a little bit sneaker like and a little bit like a ballet flat. The Puma “Sabadella Sequins 2” currently retails for $74.95 at Nordstrom.

Puma 'Sabadella Sequins 2' Slip-OnPuma 'Sabadella Sequins 2' Slip-OnPuma 'Sabadella Sequins 2' Slip-On
We love them because of that sparkle that gives these shoes a touch of bling!

Tip: These shoes are great because you can dress the up with a formal outfit, or pair them with some dark wash denim. HOT!

Would you buy these?

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  1. Elsa

    wow… they are so cute!!!

  2. grace

    I have the black with red ones….whimsical without giving up comfort. Love them.

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  5. Mariam Sobh

    I like them all lol.. but I’d probably go with the silver if I was forced to make a choice 🙂
    Esma I’ll be making a post soon about how you can get things like these PUMA shoes even if you live outside the USA so stay tuned! 🙂

  6. Kelly

    very cute! i would totally wear them. but after they hit at least 30% off lol.

  7. Donna

    they are actually very comfortable, ask me because i own one.

  8. Esma

    awww..awesome! i liked them especially third one:)..now i should find a puma shop:P..

  9. Zeynub

    I love them! Especially the red ones. Awesome find Mariam.

  10. fatima

    totally cute! I love these type of ballet slippers to just wear around the house,they keep my feet from freezing and dont get wet or nything as with socks

  11. Ayanna

    These are so freaking cute!!!

  12. sera

    LOOOOOOVE them!

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