Saudi tv show hosts wearing full abaya and niqab

What do you think of this?

Apparently Saudi women are now allowed to wear full abaya and niqab on Saudi TV channel Awtan.

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  1. bint khalid

    it is saddening but not shocking that the muslimahs are not conforming to the guidelines already written in the Quran on how to dress and behave in society. personally for me, fashion is ok as long as it does not override the Islamic values.and wearing the tarha with a spoof of hear showing, why why why??? wouldn’t it be better if she didn’t wear the scarf at all since its not doing the actual job of covering?and even more frightening is the doppleganger that some saudi women have whenever they go overseas out of KSA. off comes the abaya and niqab.i wonder do they think that Allah is only in KSA and not elsewhere, astaghfirullah!

  2. Umm Ibrahim

    Dear Salma, NO, not everyone wears niqab on the streets of Saudi. Here in the more conservative areas yes, the majority of Saudi and non-Saudi Muslim women DO wear niqab. I’m in the Eastern Provinces and here it IS the norm. But in the Hejaz (Jeddah and those areas), Niqab is actually not as common and many Saudi women don’t even wear the tarha (head scarves) and everyone is much more relaxed about their hejab.

  3. Umm Ibrahim

    Honestly I think it’s a good thing though I think that the female newscasters on the regular Saudi channels should cover better. On KSA2 all the female presenters always have on tight clothing, a lot of hair out, a LOT of makeup and really they look very glitsy…anyone know of Goodmorning KSA! Yup, one good example.

    I think they should have to wear better, more modest clothing. The niqab and full covering is good too because it shows people that covering doesnt make you dumb! That women who fully cover can be active in society too.

  4. Donna

    hmm.. i really don’t know why people make big deal about these things, i wonder if they would commented about Indian TV, if people wearing their traditional cloth?

  5. Mariam Sobh

    It’s ironic isn’t it. When I lived in Saudi back in the day, I remember they did have some female newscasters but they always had to have a huge chunk of hair poofing up in the front. It wasn’t really allowed to “fully” cover the hair. Not sure why.
    But as far as niqab goes not everyone wears it in Saudi.. and from my friends who live in Jeddah I hear that not everyone wears hijab outside these days either Maybe just an abaya without the scarf. It used to be only expats could go outside without covering, but apparently now it’s becoming more open in certain areas.

  6. salma

    why weren’t they allowed to before? doesn’t everyone in saudi already wear the niqab and full abaya in the streets?

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