Pop Culture Hijabi: How to wear your boots this winter

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I just had an epiphany today.

As you may or may not know, Chicago (and much of the midwest and east) was hit with its first major snowstorm this week. I LOVE snow, and I was very excited about the weather change.

However, winter naturally comes with the need to change your wardrobe as well.
One thing I always have trouble with is boots and tucking pants into them. It’s a necessity if you don’t want sopping wet hems, but it doesn’t look that great unless you wear skinny pants.

However, I was searching for things online and came across some great advice.

They recommend tucking pants into socks first and then putting on boots. Pretty logical, right? And I’m sure it’s something everyone already knows. But I was amazed that my pants no longer had that weird, slouchy look.

So, until I have a chance to go out and get some tighter pants to wear with boots, this will be my quick fix for trudging through the snow.

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  1. ModestJustice

    Heck yes!
    Whenever I’m not wearing skinny jeans with boots (about the only time I like to wear them) I stuff my jeans into my socks to avoid that ugly bunched up look.

    Now I want more boots 😀

  2. Mariam Sobh

    I think it’s a cool idea too 🙂 I never thought about that lol.. I have some cowboy style boots and I’m gonna try that next time. Thanks for the scoop Nadia!

  3. ma'ruf

    wow! i wanna experience that snowy day so that i can try that tucking pants into socks… ooops how about my abaya? =D i think its not gonna happen though sometimes here in taif we experience ice ball raining but just for hour only and after maybe 6 hours no more ice outside… aww…

  4. Sally

    I never used to tuck them inside my boots because I felt it wasnt appropriate for hijabis – it would show the legs more.
    However, I started doing it with my straight jeans and IT’S SO MUCH MORE PRACTICAL!! no wet hems, no salt marks…

  5. lendmeurear

    I actually didn’t know about tucking pants into socks first! I can’t imagine why I never thought about that; pretty clever!

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