The big surprise is here!: Hijab Fashion Toolbar

We promised to unveil a brand new feature on New Year’s Day 2010 and here it is:

A brand new tool bar to help you navigate hijab fashion sites and keep you up to date with all the latest hijab styles.

All you have to do is download the Hijabtrendz Toolbar and you’ll see the amazing results.

We have different tabs for hijab fashion sites and mainstream clothing sites where you can find modest clothing.

You can also surf the net, keep up with Hijabtrendz posts, check the weather in your area and receive alerts from us on the latest deals around the web. The best part is that when we update the toolbar and add new features you don’t have to ever download it again, all you do is refresh the toolbar!

Here is the best part… the first 10 people to download the FREE Hijabtrendz toolbar and tell us what they like or don’t like will get a FREE HIJAB courtesy of Shukr.

What are you waiting for? 🙂

To download Click here or go to Hijab Fashion Toolbar page.

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Jodi thanks for vouching for the toolbar 🙂

  2. Jodi

    Hijrah I’m using it on Firefox! I downloaded it from my Firefox web browser and I have no problems whatsoever. Easy download! I love truly enjoy using it! I don’t use IE at all. So please do try it! I love having everything about hijab in one place so now I don’t have to Google everything! It saves me so much time.

  3. Hijrah

    MashALLAH, it’s a wonderful idea. It would be better if it were available for Firefox. I can’t stand Internet Explorer, so I never use it.

  4. Mariam Sobh

    I loved reading all your comments thus far 🙂 We’ve made improvements as suggested and it automatically updates in your toolbar without you having to do anything! 🙂

    The first 10 folks are going to be getting a free hijab courtsey of Shukr.. please keep you eyes open for an email from so we can get your information.

  5. seleena

    awesome i like it! i go straight to hijabtrendz website first thing when i get on my computer, everything I want is right there!

  6. Ciara

    Thank you for making hijabtrenz more navigable! I can find sections of the site with much ease. There is, however, one feature I do not like much. Under ‘Hijabtrendz Connect’ we can log in to different social media sites. But it might be better if those opened in another window. Just a thought.

    Great job in keeping all us hijabis in the know 🙂

  7. Donna

    I have no idea there is this much websites out there !! i love the toolbar a lot, thanks for all you do for us.

  8. Hannah

    This is SO cool! Masha’Allah! I’m not a fan of toolbars,but this is by far the most useful toolbar I’ve seen. I know someone mentioned they had these sites in their favorites. Honeslty, I doubt that. Firstly, most of those Sample Sale sites are by invitation only. It’s awesome that you were able to open the door for all of us to join. I’m actually on the waiting list for an invitation to one of them, and you got me right in! Let’s be supportive of our Muslim sister. If you had these sites in your favorites already, GREAT. That means she knows exactly what we like. If the sites are new to you, even better. JazakAllah khair Mariam. Keep up the good work in supporting Muslim women!

  9. ModestJustice


    Like many other commenters said, I didn’t even know of this many sites catering to muslimahs 😀

    It’s extremely easy to navigate, drop-down listing and took no time at all to install. And I can click back onto this site whenever I want.
    So far, nothing disagreeable 😀

    Keep up the good work and jazak’Allah khair for making this!

  10. Fatin

    I love the toolbar, Congratulation Mariam, always something new and wonderful 🙂

  11. Sidra Dastgir

    Aww i love it!

  12. Natalia

    Awesome toolbar! It lists so many site including plus size that I didn’t know about along with the hijab and mainstream sites 🙂 The toolbar was quick to dl and intall too 🙂 I think maybe a cool thing to add would be like a site with coupouns/codes for just the hijab fashion sites or like reminders or something like that. Overall though this is a great idea 🙂

  13. Sara

    Sorry, but am I the only one who really dislikes this toolbar? It jams up my browser, and it’s no more than a list of links to fashion sites that I already have saved in my Favourites anyway…

  14. Jodi

    I love it! Oh my gosh! I can do so many things at once and not have to go back and forth with my head spinning! I can search, get my email, see the weather, and even listen to the radio! This is so exciting! THANK YOU!!!

  15. Aya

    This is so sweet! I love your picture as a little icon too and the search!

  16. Huma

    After trying many toolbars mostly aimed towards blocking pop-ups, I was very happy to find a toolbar that delivered what it promises. Downloading was easy (did not take time at all and the toolbar soon became a part of my regular web browsing. There are lots of options so I am sure most people will be happy with it. The customizable options helped me to further use the toolbar that represents me and meets my needs. Last just want to add that as much as it’s easy to download and install the toolbar, it’s just as easy to uninstall (this is important as many applications out there overwhelm me to the steps involved for uninstalling their tools. Great work and hope to see many more personalized toolbars!

  17. Hina

    ASA- Thanks for the toolbar! This the first of its kind and done very professionally! One of the mean reasons I joined this site is to find online hijab stores as there aren’t any near I live and ever since I did, Mashallah I’m overwhelmed with the choices out there! My favorite links are the Fashion links and the customizable weather and mail buttons. Keep up the good work!

  18. Jimena Frade

    Thank you for the toolbar. This is what I really needed to find all that I wanted. It was very easy to install and update what I wanted on the toolbar. I have always been a fan of the Google toolbar and was hesitate at first to use the search option. I was even looking how to deactivate it. Remember how it is to teach someone something new after using something for so long. That was my only hesitation, but after trying it out I ultimately loved what was created. Thank you so much.

  19. farah

    I second what Sana K said. I never knew half of these hijab fashion stores existed! Now it will be easier for me when I am shopping for new clothes. I also like the hijab videos. I always wear my hijab the same way and now with just a few clicks I can find different styles.

    I wanted to recommend a website for coupons. Its one of my fav ones for printable ones.

    Thanks for the great toolbar!

  20. Sana K

    Oh my goodness! This is amazing!! I love love love the Hijab Fashion and Mainstream fashion tabs, now I dont have to keep going to my favorite folders, plus the list you have it exactly what websites I’d visit. This toolbar is completely transformed my internet experience. May Allah reward you for your efforts! Ameen

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