Like it or Leave it: Hijab style hanger

If you’ve always wanted to organize your hijab style without getting your scarves all tangled we just came across this nifty item:

Scarf Hanger is selling this hijab style accessory for $4.90 and we wonder if it’s something you can easily find at a local organizational supply store.

Would you use this to keep your hijab style stash looking fresh?

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  1. Aicha

    Salaam Aleikum!
    I had the same issue of having hijabs all over the place and I even got the plastic tub from Walmart. It just wasn’t enough for me. So a friend of mine suggested getting a tie hanger from Bed Bath and Beyond. I thought it might be a little expensive there so I went to TJ Maxx and got a metal tie hanger for $4.99. I tried it yesterday and it really works-though you might have to slowly squeeze the thicker hijabs through the tie hanger, it works wonderfully! I hung up so many of my hijabs. It now sits in my closet and it looks so organized! No need to go rummage through my plastic tub and closet to find the hijab that matches my clothes. Now, I just need to look at the tie hanger to find my hijabs. I highly recommend it!

  2. Jodi

    Yes Farah I do think the little hand-held steamers would work. I used to have one, a larger one and it worked great on fabrics! It was quick and easy. I miss it so much! The shower works great for me but it’s awfully hot steam so I don’t know if everyone would want to do that or not. I guess it would depend on the thickness of the fabric. Mines are rather thin. I like shower steam better than ironing. My friend just told me today that she keeps all of hers folded loosely in one of those clear/white plastic 2 or 3 tier drawer like containers that Walmart sells in their plastic tub department. Then she puts it up on her dresser or even in her closet. The drawers pull out nicely. She says the trick is to store them loosely in there, no folding and she doesn’t have much of a problem. Her co-worker has an Avon catalog and inside they sell a small steamer so I’m looking into that and sturdier ones if I can find one. I agree Mariam that if you have a lot of scarves keeping them sorted out and wrinkle free is a challenge. Hmmm….I can’t believe there is nothing out there to help that is well thought out! This could be BIG if anyone figured it out! lol Then we’d all say, “Why didn’t I think of that before”! lol 🙂

  3. Mariam Sobh

    I like the steamer idea too Jodi.. I’ve seen some cheap one’s at bed bath and beyond but not sure how they hold up.. hmmm. What I find my biggest dilemma is, is that once I have things organized.. to keep them that way. Scarves are so easy to get messy and piled up especially when I’m in a frenzy to get out the door and find something that matches lol.

  4. farah

    Jodi- a steamer is a great idea! I also like your shower idea, haha does it actually work? I will have to try it!

    I just moved so I have more closet space. I actually hung my hijabs on the closet rod…I just draped it over the rod after folding it….I’m just afraid I will be too lazy to put them back and it will end up in a clump on my floor;)

  5. Jodi

    At first I liked the holder but then I see that it sets in wrinkles so much! I like what Zainab and Nollie have! I have mine folded in a colorful purse as I don’t have tons and usually just hang them inside the bathroom while the shower is on and the wrinkles fall right out. I have ironed them also. I’m thinking of getting a little steamer! When I purchase more (and stop looking so drab!) I guess I’ll be figuring out what to do also! 🙂

  6. Mariam Sobh

    Zainab a tie rack seems like it would work hmm I wonder if it depends on the material?

    Nollie I used to do the pants hanger but I noticed big creases in my scarves.. again I wonder if it depends on fabric?

    I’m guessing that if it’s a lighter weight scarf it wont wrinkle as badly. Maybe I’ll test it out one of these days lol.

  7. nollie

    I use a pants hanger, it looks like a hanger with many rods which are rubber coated so the hijabs do not slip off. For the most part it doesn’t leave noticeable lines in the hijabs alhamdulillah. Got it at Walmart for about $6.

  8. zainab

    Hmmmmm I think this device would definitely crease like you all said. I just use my husbands tie hanger to hang my scarfs label side down. It is basically like a regular hanger but has many poles to hold my many scarves. It works really well as I can color coordinate on each pole which makes it easier to find scarves. The scarves also stay uncreased and the label side gets hidden when i wear it anyway.

  9. Mariam Sobh

    Farah and Sana I’ve also come to the conclusion that all hijab gets wrinkled no matter what lol. I’m not sure about this method pictured above it does look a little risky.

  10. Sana K

    I agree with Farah, and regardless of what we do with our hijabs they get wrinkled. Sometimes we can get away without having to iron them, but alas I fear there’s no remedy for this problem.

    Neat idea though!

  11. farah

    i dont really like this. It seems like the hijab would get wrinkled where its inserted in the thing. I have yet to find a hijab storing method that does not wrinkle or leave lines in the hijab

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