Hijabi Mama: breastfeed in public without the worry

Most hijabis probably wonder if it’s possible to go out and about while breastfeeding without having to miss out on all the fun.

The answer is yes! There are so many products on the market now touting the ability to nurse discreetly while still looking stylish.

With these nursing covers you are no longer forced to find a dressing room or sit in some funky bathroom stall to breastfeed your little bundle, plus they cover your whole body and not just the front.

We absolutely love that there are so many varieties because in the past we fashioned a homemade nursing poncho and the baby was practically in a portable sauna.

Fast forward a few years and now you can pick something comfortable that allows baby to breathe freely and you to look like yourself and not a big blimp.

The first nursing cover we purchased ourselves from busy baby wraps. We like it because it’s nice and long but it’s a little awkwardly cut so unless you keep check to make sure it hasn’t shifted you could easily flash some skin.

The second one was provided to us as a sample from Modest Momz and we liked it because it was different, the nursing cover has arm holes so you don’t have to lift up the cover to grab things. The only downside was we felt it was a little short. But after telling this to the company, they told us that they make a “tall” version and it’s 3 inches longer which is what we’d recommend if any of you plan to walk around and nurse at the same time. It will ensure that you don’t flash a love handle or two.

The best part of nursing covers is that you get to keep your old wardrobe. No need to splurge on clothes specially made for nursing. All you need is this one item and you’re good to go.

Do any of you have a special item you use when nursing in public?

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  4. Kelly

    I never managed to nurse while walking or standing up. My kids are all heavy though (all over 9# at birth mashaAllah). Anyhow, I wear a lot of t shirts with lightweight cardigans over them, which is good because it covers your side while nursing. Also the baby always covered my stomach, and then the t shirt always covered the top etc. Sometimes I’d use a receiving blanket, but not usually.

    Anyhow, those are cute, I’d totally use one.

  5. fatima

    oh this was a well needed post,Ill get one for my next child IA,I had alot of trouble and used a poncho or threw a blanket over my head,really uncomfortable and retarded looking,can u do a post on snuggies and if they are available for like a 2 year old?

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