Hijab Fashion Fix: Trendy Abayas

These are some very interesting abayas by Saudi couture abaya designer Eman Joharjy

We have to giver her props for their unique look and a totally different hijab style.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. samia ehsan

    i dont like these kind of abayas.hijab itself not da mean like dis.i want to wear abayas with ful hijab n covered face.but all will b trendy too.i want to see those type of abayas.

  2. Aisha

    I think there needs to be some new fashionable ways of wearing the abaya and i really appreciate and admire these new designs. Of course not everyone may like it. The others who actually like it are i think hesitant to wear them because of people who will criticize or laugh at them. I am one of those people who wears the abaya but i LOVE new trends and want to look fashionable and “up-to-date”.. but im afraid to add even a small different or new touch afraid of what people would say. These new abaya designs would start becoming accepted infront of people only when more people would start wearing them. Not exactly this, but i hope people would consider different abayas normal.

    Btw I love these abaya designs.

  3. Anna

    Hay people Al zayn in blackburn UK have some lovely abayas/jilbabs, they have just got swrovski dimonte ones in which i have got myself. If you search Anisa Gajjar on facebook ask to see her Abayas she will invite you to her Al Zayn group, A must have.

    she also does scarfs for weddings and alot of swrovski jewellery £7.50 onwards.
    hope this helps.

    Search Anisa gajjar – on facebook and ask to be added to Al Zayn or email Anisagajjar@gmail.com

  4. Mariam Sobh

    I think these abayas are interesting, but I don’t know if I would necessarily call them abayas. However, as Maha mentioned these abayas don’t really look like this in person since they’re trying to show off the feature. I’d be interested to see how these looked with a regular out and about pose.. like show someone shopping and wearing one.

  5. AK

    I kind of like the sporty ones; the juxtaposition of the obviously adult body in outfits that seem rather juvenile is a bit odd. They are rather “young” feeling, but sporty. I like, but would not wear.

  6. Umm Ibrahim

    Well in my end of KSA Ive never seen them! I guess they must be a Jeddah thing…Jeddah is supposed to be a lot more open when it comes to stuff like this. Here in the EP…no way, even wearing a grey abaya gets a LOT of stares (trust me I know, I have one!)…also most women wear pants or a long skirt/jalabeeya under their abayaat, so who the heck runs around with an abayaat one but no pants or long skirts or even leggings under? Strange…or easier…go to a abayah shop and have the tailor make a closed front abaya…easier and then you can get away with nylons and a slip if you really must!

  7. Kelly

    when i see the last picture i just think

    “Hammer Time!”

  8. Kelly

    Yeah, the poses are a bit iffy. I like the colors of the first one, but I also do not like the gathered hem. I’m not a fan of the poof lol.

    Do you remember Michael Kors last season saying someones creation looked like a disco pumpkin? lol.

    It looks to me like it’s more like a wierd jumpsuit, than an abaya? Isn’t that feet holes? I think the same effect, but more elegant could be acheived with palazzo pants?

  9. Maha

    Well, personally the only reason i didn’t buy one was that they were too expensive! I’m used to making my own so i didn’t appreciate the markup. But keep in mind these are made for active women, who do a lot of errands and running around all day. They’re meant more to save you from the hassle of an abaya that exposes your legs when you get out of the car or blow open with the wind… stuff like that.
    I saw a few people wearing them and if you don’t know that they’re gathered at the ankles you can’t really tell. They’re making it obvious in the photos to express their distinction from other abayas. but the material is a super soft cotton that doesn’t wrinkle too much.
    Personally i would’ve shot them with the models in sneakers in an urban setting to better express the active lifestyle.

  10. Zeena

    I also think they are a bit strange.. sort of futuristic or something. Not my taste, but if they were normal shaped i would go for them. I don’t want to look like a little kid in a potato sack with my feet poking out lol.

  11. Jodi

    Well I’m a bit taken aback by the styles and poses too. I really don’t know what to think. I’m surprised this is coming out of the KSA. I personally don’t care for them too much as they seem really sporty for me. I like a more elegant look. But I suppose others might think this is elegant already. I don’t like the gathering at the calf. I also don’t like the stripes on the side. Maybe someone else can point out something better that I just don’t see?

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