Hijab Fashion Fix: Bando accessories to spice up your hijab

We got this tip from Khadijeh and are in love with shopbando.com

This website has lots of glamorous accessories and hair clips and would be a neat way to dress up a hijab style.

The items are a bit pricey, but you can definitely draw inspiration from them.

Would you use something like these hair accessories to make a fashion statement?

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  1. aminath


    thnks gals for the tip 🙂
    Afsi would love to c a demo pic:D, thanks

    mariyam…certainly i am studying..though …cant bear missing anything from hizagtrendz…. and thnks for posting this

    luks like i’am too attached to it..


  2. Mariam Sobh

    Afshi that’s a cool idea, I wish I could see it in a picture.. care to send us on 🙂

    Aminath lol you should be studying not reading Hijabtrendz 😉

    Caraboska I agree these are probably easy to make.

    I think I would wear these on top of my hijab though for some styles. Like the big flower pins. Actually even the headbands, they’d probably look good on top of a one piece al-amirah because those are so plain. I think I shall give it a try, just gotta get out and find some of those hair accessories at a bargain store lol.

  3. afshi

    well the way i tie my hijab is that i tie it in the back first (like a bandana), then I put the hairband on, and then i bring the rest of the hijab to the front, around my neck/chest and then back over to the other side of my head and pin it.

    I get my hairbands from Forever 21 and H&M. Great prices!

  4. caraboska

    Depending on the exact placement and shape of the ornamentation, it might be possible to tie a hijab over some of these. Others, you’d have to place over the hijab. And presumably tie your hair in such a way that doing so would not reveal the shape of the hair. But my beef with them is indeed the prices. Many of the items would be so simple to replicate that I can’t believe anyone would actually pay that much.

  5. aminath

    hey sorry sister!!!

    ma question was how to wear them with hijab…its not “where”..its wear..hehe

    im doing ma assignments and everything mess up…even this message as well

  6. aminath

    salaam sister

    love these..but how to where them with hijab???

  7. Afshi

    Oh i was going to send you a tip similar to this! I use those headbands when I wear my hijab…i love it! Its a quick and easy way to dress up an outfit.

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