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Is there something style-wise that you have to do before you leave the house? I mean, besides putting on a hijab, of course.

For me, it’s putting on foundation. I know it sounds shallow, but I’m not comfortable in my skin unless I have on some makeup. I’m sure nobody else would even notice, but I know if I don’t have any on, I’m very self-conscious.

How about you guys?

I have friends who always have to straighten their hair. That’s the plus side of wearing hijab, I guess. That would take me forever to do every day.

I’m also not a big fan of wearing pajamas or work-out clothes outdoors, although I’ve done it on occasion. However, my sister wears sweatpants to class all the time, and I doubt anyone cares.

So do you pay a lot of attention to what you look like in public? Or are you more of a throw on something and go kind of person?

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  1. Sadi

    My must have item is my mascara and eyeliner! I know it sounds vain, but if my eyes look good, I feel and look good too! Also, I try my best to wear shoes that match with my outfit ( ballet flats with casual outfits, heels for a more dressed up look. I think that the right pair of shoes makes you look even better than you already do.It completes your outfit. 🙂

  2. Mariam Sobh

    I used to have beauty musts, but these days… if I can actually wash my face and put on some sunscreen before I get out the door I’m happy. It’s just been so hectic around here, but inshallah once we get a better routine at home I can focus more on myself. 🙂

  3. Afshi

    I need to wear eyeliner. Its a must. Without it i look tired, and worn out. Its a small and simple thing, but a big change to my eyes and my face when i wear it. and hey, its sunnah! =)

  4. Jodi

    I too would have to make sure my hair is straightened because it’s so straight in the front but wavy/curly in the back and I hate to see my hair sticking up under my scarf any. Sometimes under-scarves are not as tight for me because I have so much thick hair so my worry is always my scarf looking lumpy or uneven! Other than that I like to feel comfortable and coordinated! Whether I pay extra attention or not is depending on where I’m going at the moment! lol You know that saying when you don’t feel you look your best you are bound to run into someone you know! It’s true! I could not do the P.J. or sweat pant thing! I need to pay more attention to my face though and foundation would not make you shallow at all! 🙂

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