Eco Friendly Hijab Fashion

Do you think it’s important to have hijab fashion and accessories made from sustainable and eco-friendly material?

Would you buy something like that if it means a higher price tag?

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  1. Abe


  2. Jodi

    Yes, it is important but I personally think it would depend on what the material or item is, how it felt against my skin, is it durable, is there even a need for it, etc., and how much does it cost. Ultimately to me cost would be the biggest factor because these types of products seem to be overly expensive. In a perfect world it would be very important to everyone, affordable and available to whomever wanted it.

  3. Kelly

    Very interesting question! As a retailer I’m interested in the responses. As a muslimah I think we should take care of the earth in whatever way we can.

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