Pakistani Fashionistas

CNN World has an article on the recent fashion week held in Lahore, Pakistan.

Take a look at the slideshow and check out Sarah Salman’s collection, totally hijabalicious!

To view the entire collection by Sarah Salman go here, there are TONS of gorgeous outfits!

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  1. Kelly

    If you show me a link of what you are thinking of I may be able to get it in stock. We will be having some in stock in the next few months, but I’d love to see what you mean 🙂

  2. Hina

    totally agree w/Afshi. I’m so saddened sometimes by Pakistani fashion. Seriously, it’s a Muslim country and whenever we go visit, I see more and more of the opposite. Does anyone know where (online or thru mail) we can purchase kaftan dresses (knockoffs LOL)? I’d love to buy some for the summer.

  3. afshi

    hmm..I’m pakistani, and I’m finding the Pakstani fahsion less and less wearable (at least for me because I’m a hijabi). There is not much modesty (although designers can alter certain things for u upon request). I wished Pakistan had designers that showcased Islamic Attire and are proud of it, instead of emulating the West’s sense of fashion. I would love to see a designer with a modest fashion sense.

    These days the fashion there are these big kaftan type dress with pants (which I LOVE – its similar to an abaya)..but I know one day this trend will be gone, and it will be back to capris and sleevless and short shirts.

    And these designers are mad expensive. Thank god Pakistan is the land of the imitation. Go to any bazaar with a magazine photo of what you like, and the tailor could make it for u for waaaay less than half the price 🙂

  4. m2ab

    more pics #Pakistan designers showcase #fashion with a twist in Lahore #lifestyle #society

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