Like it or Leave it: Athletica Sports Hijab

Bahiya Collections is now carrying the Athletica Sports Hijab and it retails for just over $24.00

It’s unique because it’s made of organic cotton and bamboo, two fabrics known to wick moisture away (and bamboo is reported to be anti-bacterial).

We’re excited to see a product for Muslim women touting such qualities.

Watch the video below to see the product in action.

Are you excited? What do you think like it or leave it?

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  1. Abi


  2. Abi

    I have them, and I like it, especially the white one. Cause you don’t have to wear 2 things (bonnet and slip, it’s thick enough to not show your hair and worry aboutthe pieces falling out.

  3. kelly

    Yes they are…I’m currently out or I’d send you some…Should be back in a month or two iA.

  4. Mariam Sobh

    Sana maybe it is ideal for athletes if they try it let us know how they like it.
    Samira I wonder if it would look different on each person, because no one’s head is the same.
    Kelly, are the lycra scarves AlAmirah type?
    Carib Muslimah I also use a cotton one or just pin back my triangle shape one, but I’m curious about how this one would feel. I’m thinking the serious athletes may be the ones who would like it the best because they train for hours at a time. But I’d definitely want to give it a try and see how it feels.

  5. Carib Muslimah

    I like it but I’m not sure about the crosses in the back. If I wear a cotton Al Amirah while working out I feel fine. I think I’m used to it.

  6. kelly

    I personally like to wear the lycra hijabs in the summer and in the gym.

  7. Samira

    Hmmm. I just don’t like the shape. The cross in the back is strange and the shape in the front. Right now I’m just using a cotton Al-Amirah at the gym and at the park But I’m really dreading the summer. I need to keep my workout schedule but in all honesty I don’t like being covered and working out.

    I’m happy when I get to go into the women only weight room at my gym and take my scarf off. I can elliptical at home sometimes, too although it can get monotonous.

    I think the plus for this scarf is definitely the breathable materials, though.

  8. Sana

    Looks neat! I know many of my friends who play sports and they have trouble with their hijabs. I will be sure to spread the word

  9. Rimi Rasheed

    Wow this is awesome, i was wondering when will they ever come out cos i cannot find them here in the Maldives. Thanks so much for posting this video up 😀

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