Hijab fashion news: Nzinga Knight on the move

We recently received an announcement from Nzinga Knight (she was featured in a Hijabtrendz Exclusive here) that the Cyndi style dress she custom designs is now available in 2 style options: original and embellished.

According to Knight, the Cyndi dress, made of silk jersey with a collapsed peplum, gemstone beading, snakelike chain, and hidden zipped back is a 1930’s inspired work of elegance. This delicately stunning silhouette is the perfect look for parties openings and celebrations.

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And just in time for those weddings, galas, and garden parties- The six styles from the Nzinga Knight debut collection now come in 7 exciting, new color options for Spring!

Now available in angel blue, royal-plum, coral, sufi-green, french vanilla, ginger, and white

In addition Nzinga Knight’s collection can be bought exclusively at Sauce in Dubai.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these dresses you can contact her: