Your chance to win an Italian scarf

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Want to win a beautiful Italian scarf from Bellissima scarves? If you’re looking to make your hijab style stand out, then look no further. These scarves are beautiful and versatile. You can see our hijab style video tutorial for how you can use it.

We are giving 2 away and the winner gets to choose what style they want!

You have until Thursday April 22 at Midnight Central Time to leave your comment below.

The winner will be announced on Friday April 23.

Tell us what event you would wear your Italian scarf too?

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  1. asnida hani

    I would like to wear it for my graduation. 😀

  2. sara

    I would wear my scarf to my undergraduate scholarship dinner . I would truely mean the world!

  3. Jodi

    I would wear the scarf to my daughter’s upcoming graduation! A truly joyous occasion! So I’d want to look and feel my best…between the tears! 🙂

  4. Sadiah W

    beautiful, classy and sophisticated 🙂

  5. zainab

    I would probably wear this with a long black maxi dress and accessorize with silver bracelets and black sparkly steve madden sandals to receive my dad at the airport! Its the first time he is visiting me since I moved to the US 6 years ago Good luck sisters and ‘a brother’ 🙂

  6. marya

    I would wear it to my friend’s wedding: elegant but classy. It’s beautiful!

  7. Sabah

    I’d think of throwing a hijabilicious party in which I’d wear it; asking guests to wear their most unique/ favorite hijab in the most creative way they can think of and then we all could vote for the best style and keep a small prize for it- possibly a hijab accessory like a brooch or another hijab as pretty as this one!

  8. hina

    Salaam Alaikum!
    This is pretty enough that I’d want to wear it everyday, but my husband’s graduation is coming up in about two weeks in Chicago so I’d definitely wear it then. Thanks for the wonderful site!

  9. omair sheikh

    I would want this scarf for my sister and she would feel really special…slamolikum

  10. Rasha

    The hijabs are just stunning, excellent quality and so elegant I’d wear them to a special occasion such as Honeymoon getaway or Wedding celebration to complete outfit and give it a special touch.
    I’ve recieved so many compliments wearing Bellisima hijabs, would be grateful to win one!
    Thank You & Good luck sisters!

  11. kolpona

    i would wear the scarf not necesaraly to an event…but out casually shopping with friends!!

  12. Wendy Laminack

    I would wear it for my wedding anniversary. This is the first year that I will be celebrating not only another wonderful year of marriage, but my first year of covering and wearing a hijab. Humdulilah I began to wear my hijab during Ramadan last year, and this would be a wonderful way to celebrate that as well.

  13. Samia

    Well, im a stay at home mum so id probably end up just wearing it to the supermarket!!! Oh well…! Much Salaams x

  14. A brother!

    I would like to give this to my fiance to be

    I will give it to her to wear on the day when I meet her parents to officially ask for her hand!

  15. Tanzima

    I would love to wear it to my friends farewell party. its so beautiful. its will definety complement my abaya!

  16. Irendi

    Beautiful scarf 🙂

    I’d wear it to a wedding I’m attending next month!

  17. kz

    to my sister’s graduation!

  18. sarah husain

    ummm its lovely, would luv to wear it on my B’day which is coming in May turning 34 aaaaaaaaaaaaa big stuff before I turn 35 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…:)

  19. Kemi

    I would wear it for my 5th year anniversary dinner with my hubby!

  20. Nafeesa

    I would wear it to my white coat ceremony. It would add a professional yet elegant touch.

  21. Stephanie

    Oh these are soo beautiful! I would love to win one, inshaAllah!

  22. Natalie

    I love it..I would wear it to my family reunion. Very beautiful Mashallah!! 🙂

  23. Sara

    I would wear this to the beach or picnic. I would either tie it around my neck as a French-styled scarf or tie it around my hip.

  24. Miriam

    It’s so beautiful!!!!!!

    I’d wear it in my upcoming professional examn presentation, which is to get my degree in mechanical engineering!!

  25. Ms. Ghoufiri

    I would wear this bellissima scarf on my trip to visit my family in Morocco. This is very elegant and beautiful. Alhabdulillah!

  26. Aminah

    Is this how we enter to win?!

  27. Fatin

    This looks really nice, i can always use more Hijabs 🙂

  28. afshi

    I would wear it to dinner on my Husband’s birthday. This will be the first birthday of his that we’ll celebrate together (we got married last June). He loves it when I look nice and elegant (usually I’m in my PJs and sweats at home), and I’m sure I can wear this scarf to add some “omph” to my outfit 🙂

  29. Rania

    I love scarves from Bellissima. My youngest sister is going to get married soon; If I have the Bellissima scarf, I’m definitely will wear it, it’s so elegant to be wore at the wedding party.
    Or, I think I would just wear it right away the next day after it arrives… just can’t wait to try to wear it… 😉

  30. DINA

    I love it. i can wear it on summer when i go to visit my parents in Egypt and i can give it to my mom she will love it and i want to give her special gift

  31. safia

    I would wear it on my next date with husband! I havnt updated my wardrobe since i got pregnant, so im crossing my fingers!

  32. Ayanna

    The event that I would wear this beautiful scarf would be the day we close on our house. Me and my husband have been house hunting and I can’t until we find the one, get our offer accepted and then the big would be the closing. Oh I can’t for the closing. Today is a floating holiday at my job and I am working today so I can use the floater for the day we close.

  33. oznur

    they are so lovely.i like the eight and nineth.
    i hope to win xD

  34. nihad

    its so beautiful. i can wear it to an upcoming wedding. i would pair it with a black and silver sari that i have.

  35. cecilia

    I love it, it is very beautiful!
    I would wear it to my upcomming baby shower. 🙂

  36. sabah

    The event where I would wear the Bellissima scarf is my upcoming dissertation prospectus. It’s a stressful event and having a cute and fashionable scarf would definitely brighten my mood! 🙂

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