Islamic Fashion Show in Istanbul in the news

The Christian Science Monitor just published this review of an Islamic Fashion show in Turkey.

Do you think the author gave a good summary of the event?

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  1. Ayla

    I think the piece is great when you consider it’s published in the US where most people know little to nothing about islamic dress and how it’s not all chadors and can be fun and colorful.

  2. caraboska

    I think it does miss quite a bit of detail. But then again, she may have had space considerations, or been worried about TMI. I myself would have a bit of trouble calling what they were showing there ‘Islamic’. Tight churidar- or even legging-style trousers just don’t do it for me somehow.

  3. Natalie

    No, I don’t think so..She sounds inexperienced. Shoot even me could give a better summary than that.

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