Pop Culture Hijabi: Flashback to the ’80s

pop culture hijabi

Recently, there’s been a trend of people in my age group (28, if you must know) who are going back to their childhood books and blogging about them.

I personally LOVE this concept. I was a huge fan of the Baby-Sitters Club, and I also devoured the Sweet Valley Twins books.

I have to admit that I’m sometimes tempted to go back to some old favorites. And then I read these blogs and realize the books were pretty horrible. In a great way, of course.
My favorite part of the BSC books was when they described the outfits, especially Claudia’s. If you read them now, the outfits are TOTALLY ’80s (and sound gross). But I know, at the time, I really wanted to wear what Claudia wore because she was supposedly artistic and creative.

Unfortunately this BSC blog is now pretty much defunct, but there’s a lot of old posts to read.

I actually never read Sweet Valley High that much, but this site is a good way to catch up on the childhood staple. Based on the Sweet Valley Twins books, I remember thinking that Elizabeth was perfect because she was so studious. But now, I realize she was pretty boring and very condescending. It’s funny how perspective changes things.

It seems that book publishers are taking notice of this call-back to our childhoods because I’ve heard of plans to re-release both these series, with some updates to made them more modern.

Plus, Diablo Cody received the rights to Sweet Valley last year and is reportedly writing an updated script for a movie.
From my recollection, the past BSC and SVH made-for-TV adaptations were HORRIBLE, so we’ll see if this movie is any better.

Was I the only one who read these books obsessively in junior high and high school? Would you guys read them again when they’re re-released?

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  1. Sher

    I remember reading a quotation- when you go back to your boyhood town, you realize it wasn’t the town you miss but your boyhood!
    Replace that with girlhood,of course.

    I grew up in England in the Medieval era (!) and read books about girls in boarding schools by an author named Enid Blyton. I loved them so much I used to try to read them slowly to make them last longer. She made boarding school sound like so much fun. Then when I got to college and was living in a dorm. One of my room-mates had gone to boarding school her whole life, was very savvy and organized. But she dispelled some of the myths about them. She said you pined for your parents and there was cattiness and loneliness!!

  2. Ayesha

    Omg, I thought I was all alone in liking SVT and SVH. And ditto what Noma said lolz. I was heartbroken when nobody in US was able to find me a dvd or VhS of the adaptations.

  3. Noma

    I didn’t know it was an 80s thing! I started reading BSC in mid 90s when I was 7. Now the covers of those books made sense. Stacey was my favorite but now when I think about it I guess she was a bit snobby. What I never understood was why there couldn’t be a babysitting club run by preteens&young teens in real life. When I turned 13 I realized how super mature those babysitters were and now most teenagers are too self absorbed. I liked Sweet Valley High and I’m sure if I saw a book lying around I’d totally read it. When I was growing up I didn’t have cable television so I had desperately wanted to see the BSC and SVH but thanks for letting me know I didn’t miss anything.

  4. afshi

    oh u can count me in..i was obsessed with them. i read them all, watched the tv shows, and the movies…lol. I loved Dawn…she was just so cool..lol.

  5. Irendi

    haha….I’m 24, but read them A LOT

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