Hijab Style File: Heading to the Tropics

We fell completely in love with the t-shirt dress from Victoria’s Secret (it’s on sale too!) because it’s an easy to wear option for a laid back day. If you’re worried that it might be too tight, order a size up. But also keep in mind that most outfits that are modeled are usually pinned (or models are put in a size smaller) making the outfit look more form fitting than it actually is.
Hijab Fashion in the Tropics
Old Navy tshirt $4.99, Havianas Flip Flops $25.00, Coral Ring from Banana Republic $40.00, Victoria’s Secret T-shirt Dress $38.00, Red Scarf from Henrik, Linen Pants from Target $20.00

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  1. Nadia Malik

    I just bought those linen pants from Target, and can I just say how much I LOVE them? They’re so comfortable and perfect for the summer. Plus, they’re really loose-fitting, so pretty modest as well. 🙂
    I always love the clothes at Victoria’s Secret, too. They do a lot of tunics.

  2. Mariam Sobh

    LK you’re right. I’ve always loved VS’s clothing.:)

  3. LK

    Victoria’s Secret has a lot of cute stuff. You’d never think you could find modest clothing at a lingerie store but you can! Their dress pants and cargo pants are the best 🙂

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