Will we finally find out what this island is all about?

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So there’s just one more day until we FINALLY know what all this “Lost” insanity has been about. Six years of the show has led up to the 2 1/2-hour finale airing tomorrow night.

Anybody out there planning big finale parties? I was considering it until I realized that I like to watch the show in quiet, perhaps with one or two devoted fans who want to have intense discussions during commercial breaks. I’ve watched with larger groups before, and I just usually get annoyed with people talking. But this is definitely a good time to have a party, especially if you want to go all-out with Dharma gear and Lost snacks.

Does anybody have theories about how it will all end? (No spoilers, please, if you have, by some chance, gotten some information about the ending.)
I know that I have a list of questions that I HOPE the show will answer. But I’m not holding my breath on all of them.
Mostly, I just want something that’s satisfying. I have invested six years into this show, after all. I should get some satisfaction about spending that time.

Whatever happens, though, I’m excited and a bit sad about the ending. I’m pretty sure that whatever happens, it’ll be epic.

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  1. Nabeela

    My brother and sister-in-law had a “no posers” rule for their “Lost” party- that dwindled it down to two people!
    I am still catching up (I rent one season from Blockbuster and have all night Lost marathons- no commercials). Now I have more motivation because there is finally an endpoint.
    One thing I really loved about “Lost” was the island. Filmed in Hawaii, it was just SO gorgeous. Oh yeah, some of those actors were pretty fine eye-candy, too.

  2. Gigi

    I have been absolutely addicted to LOST. I am not a television watcher. I usually watch the news or a movie on the weekend. I mostly prefer to read, so getting caught up in a T.V. show is not usual for me. But LOST! Lost was different. There was something about it that had me hooked. I would think about it at random moments during the day. I recall my daughter calling me from work, to have a conversation, and all I talked about was LOST! I was consciously aware of becoming addicted, but had no control over it. It was with some relief that I looked forward to the finale. On the day of the finale, I was ready for it. I was anxious that something may interfere with our viewing, like an unexpected guest, and I wanted no distractions. We had dinner early just so we were ready to focus on the T.V. Once it began, it was mesmerizing. It was totally unexpected! It blew me away- and it satisfied. The important questions were answered and the unimportant ignored, or left open to our own interpretation- which was fine by me. It was poignant, heart-breaking, moving, fulfilling. When it was over, we were silent. My nephews left to go home. My family members went to bed. We needed to process what we had witnessed; we needed to ponder the enormous events and their significance. The next morning I read everything I could about Lost. I needed to watch it again, to savor every dialogue and understand any parts I may have missed. So I did watch it again, and it made even more sense. It was simply a Masterpiece!

  3. Kelly

    oh and everyone was back except for ekko, michael, his son, and what’s-her-face…ana lucia…oh and I didn’t notice miles either?!

  4. Kelly

    I hate to say it, but I was disappointed!

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