Real hijab fashion from Maysaa

Today a brand new fashion line has been launched called Maysaa and it’s simply exquisite!

The designer, Hana Tajima-Simpson, has put forth real world high fashion at reasonable prices, and the best part is they are well-suited for every woman out there.

If you have been longing t find a long dress, skirt or even pants that are elegant and in-style, you have got to check out their website.

We are absolutely gushing with enthusiasm over this new line, because it’s unique and fashionable and all around hijabalicious!

Picture 8

Picture 12

Picture 11

Our favorite piece is a brand new hijab style that she invented. We love it!

Picture 9

What are your thoughts? Will you be ordering?

Note: If you follow the company on facebook/twitter you can get exclusive discount codes.

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  1. Naadi

    I like the way she is wearing hijab. Can you please tell me how can I wear the way she is wearing ? Any video link! Please

  2. Nadia

    Ok, nvm i dah jumpe d video…hehe..

  3. Nadia

    I love all of it! How to wear the hijab? Do u hv any tutorial video? Where can I get it?
    Good luck! =>

  4. fatima

    love it!

  5. Ranti

    Like this so much 🙂 !!

  6. Lindsay

    I really like this line. I agree that non hijabis can also have a very difficult time finding something that is modest. I am happy to see something that looks like your average woman would wear it. We’ll see less of more women. Wouldn’t it be something if modesty became mainstream fashion.

  7. june courage

    Hi, I’m not a Muslim, just an older woman who likes to look well dressed but individual. Designers tend to assume that any woman over fifty is either a frump or wants to compete with her daughter.I think these clothes are gorgeous, &, more importantly, wearable. They not only look elegant, but really comfy as well. I for one am a possible customer. But I also think its good that enterprises of this kind break down barriers between groups, rather than emphasising them. We’re all women, & we all like nice clothes !! Good luck to the designer.

  8. eriena

    I really liked all the forces in keluarakan but how to style toy asian women like me whether there are also collections. I love the pants, but whether I deserve to use it to see saya.tolong height who made the clothes kolesi I can use because I also use a head scarf

  9. Mona H

    I can’t wait to buy these outfits! I would wear them out to dinner, work, or to the grocery store. Keep designing! 🙂

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  11. Kelly

    I don’t see any problem with non hijabi models. While you might think it’s easy for non hijabis to find clothes, it’s really not all that easy to dress modestly.

    Anyhow, Hana, congrats, cute stuff!

  12. Hana

    Thank you so much! It really does mean a lot to me, and it’s great to hear such amazing comments. This first collection is all about wardrobe essentials so you can be sure to find more intricate and bolder designs in store soon.

    And I just wanted to let you all know that 10% of all our profits go to amazing charities helping children in Africa and Bangladesh, that has always been the driving force and intention behind the label.

    The fact that the models aren’t Muslim isn’t a ‘strategy’. As a revert I understand that the ideas in Islam isn’t just for Muslims, I want to create an open bridge for any woman who wants to dress modestly. I would never tell any person how to dress, the main aim of the store is trying to show all the details of the clothes, I do all the hijab styling on my blog

    Thanks again girls, I love what you’re doing! x

  13. zainab

    I understand your point sister Elif but I’m actually quite refreshed by seeing a modern clothing line that can be adapted for modest wear. It is a very difficult market out there for fashion designers and i have no problem in the sister targeting a bigger market. Good for her I say. It will help her to stay afloat longer and is a better business strategy. Im just glad she is making provisions for modest wear regardless whether the models wear it that way or not. The fact is that there are many sisters and women out there who do not cover their hair but still want to dress modestly and this is a great option for them. I am no one to judge how other people dress. I wish this sister much success, she has an awesome eye for fashion. Its inspiring. Oh and yes i have my eye on that navy blue maxi also! Navy blue is ‘so’ the new black 🙂

  14. Elif K

    It makes me very angry, when Muslim designers try to target a bigger market by designing clothes for models who don’t wear hijab. This site only has a few designs with hijab on. What are muhajjibah designers trying to do I don’t get it? Non muslim women or women who dont wear hijab can already find something to wear. Why don’t they try to serve women who do wear hijab? It shouldn’t be about how much money they are trying to make by saying “I design for all women”. I would love to see another muslim designer or islamic website yet that only has muhajjibah models. It’s almost like they are trying to say hijab is an option when it’s not. It’s fard.

    Beautiful clothes, but wrong intention and targeting method!

  15. AK

    Oh, this is all so very chic! If I wasn’t completely penniless, I would be shopping right now, believe you me!

  16. LK

    Im in love with the navy blue dress. Hanna really succeeded in making a line for every woman. I think a lot of non-muslims will be very interested in her collection. I know I am!

  17. Natalie

    I like the styles. Its very simple, but elegant. Very nice!!

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