Formal hijab style for your next big event

The best part of this outfit is the effortlessness of it all!

This abaya is so regal that you can totally wear it for the next formal event you have.

Let the earrings peek slightly from under your hijab if you know how to make it look good.

Otherwise play around with the scarf and show-off the necklace. You can either tuck the scarf in or tie it behind you so the ends dangle down your back.

Classy hijab style for a big event

BONUS TIP: If you’re ever worried about what you’re going to wear to a wedding, graduation, banquet  etc. there are so many abayas in a variety of colors/fabrics on the market that can easily work as a beautiful gown.

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Me too! I haven’t worn an abaya in ages and I think this would be a great way to segue from jeans into a dressy abaya hehe.

  2. Zeynub

    I like the abaya!

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