Easy hijab style with swim cover ups or sheer tops

It’s that time of year when you’ll find tons of great blouses and shirts that are light and sheer, but don’t worry you can easily incorporate them into your hijab style.

We found the following shirt below at Macy’s a few weeks ago and with a few tweaks you can totally take this to town.

Tip: You can get away with a snug fitting long-sleeve tee underneath because the top will completely cover it. If the tee is too loose and baggy the sheer layer on top will look too messy.

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    LK that’s a great tip! thanks 🙂

  2. LK

    Its really easy to sew up a key hole like that too. Just stitch it together from the back and no more hole!

  3. Mariam Sobh

    I do too, but the picture doesn’t look as nice as in-person 🙂

  4. Fatin

    I love this color 🙂

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