Hit up your vacay with this hijab style

Relax this summer with light wide leg pants and a bright and cheerful yellow top-perfect for fun in the sun.

We love the necklace because it adds the wow factor to the entire outfit and the flip flops will easily segue into other outfits throughout the summer.

Hijab style for your summer vacation

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Karyi these outfits are meant to be inspiration for people who choose to dress modestly whether they are Muslim/non-Muslim etc.

    Soumaya I agree a skirt would be fab 🙂

  2. Soumaya Arfi

    i love this outfit! very summery and light! Would also look nice with a white flowy skirt, there is a really nice one at gap now but is still too expensive for me ~70 dollars.

  3. karyi

    the pants and scarf are really nice. the top has to be loose fitting and cover the hips and backside. also, the scarf has to be wrapped so that it covers the breast area. i’m so tired of muslimahs leaving their bosom exposed while wearing hijab. this is not from me, read for yourself in quran. just a reminder and a naseeha. salaams to all

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