Win this outfit from Maysaa

We’ve got an entire outfit to giveaway from Maysaa, the designer hijab fashion line that just launched.

Want to win dress, shirt and hijab?

hijab fashion outfit from Maysaa

There are four different way you can enter this giveaway (increase your chances by doing them all).

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2. Leave a comment below on where you would wear this outfit

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Deadline is Sunday June 20th 2010 at midnight central standard time.

BONUS: We will have an exclusive interview with the designer coming up soon, if you have a question for her let us know!

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  1. shams

    Evryone wants a unique,perfect look..and this is really nice outfit to look gorjious perfect n unique..

  2. cady

    omg.. i really wanted this dress… i would wear these to college and everywhere i go.. its so universal

  3. Kayla Barnett

    I think these are absolutely gorgeous.
    I would wear these to special events, dinners, ect

  4. Riyadh

    Its so Beautiful I would Wear it on a Speacial Occasion And to work and let the people in my office working with ask ‘me were did i get it from’?

    Its totally Awesome!

  5. Dominique

    Most of the time I am at home in pajama pants a t-shirt and cooking apron or at college wearing my full on culinary uniform. With my husband working all the time and my full time chef agenda my wardrobe lacks finesse, I would happily wear this outfit out to the Saturday night dinner out on the town he treats me to every so often. It would be a great experience for him to see me looking elegant for a chance.

  6. shahina

    Salaam…..OMG!!!! this is a beautiful dress, i love it, will wear it to anywhere!! can i buy it please? is this piece available to purchase??

  7. stephanie

    Assalamu Alaikum !
    I would wear this out to a romantic dinner with my husband 🙂 This shows a sister can be fashionable and modest! This is beautiful! This can be worn to alot of different places. You can even change it up with accessories. So you can have many different outfits from one. I am new to Islam and finding this website is wonderful. I love fashion and just graduated with degrees in Jewelry and Accessory Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Islam has brought so much truth and love to my life and someday Inshallah my family will know the same.

  8. Amirah

    I would wear the outfit everywhere! because its is absolutly guwjus!! i would show of my hijabi style to all my friends who dont wear it (they think hijab is unfashinable, i could totally prove them wrong!!) plus its kinda hard to get fashinable islamic clothing where i live! so this would be an exellent edition to my wardrobe!! 😉

  9. ALIA


  10. hina khan

    salaams!i wud love to wear it on my next vacation InshAllah 🙂

  11. dian

    wowwww…this is such a lovely dress… if i win this giveaway i would wear it to my office..and said alhamdulillah i won… “haha..such a lovely dreaming…yay…”

  12. wilitha andrews

    As salaamu aleykuim Sister, this is a nice outfit. I beleive it has given me new ideas for my summer wardrobe as I reverted to Islam October 2009. Alhumduillah!

  13. Syaz

    This is absolutely gorgeous! A must have piece for everyone. I would wear it anywhere really.

  14. Tonja

    I would wear this everywhere. This is one of those outfits that everyone I know would be asking where I got it. I like to look dressed up and fashionable and my friends are always asking where I get my things. This is one of the best quality muslim fashions I have seen. I am always going online and getting what I can. Sometimes I am very disapointed, but these look great. I hope I win.

  15. Noor

    Asalam Alaykum, I am now receiving the monthly newsletter and also following on twitter so now to where I would wear this.

    I would wear this at places like my in-laws home or when my girlfriends came over. These are very chic and I love them all mashAllah.

  16. sabah

    its very nice… n i wud luv to wear it if i won this dress… it is very elegant n decent ,we can wear it any where… thanx 4 mailin me abt ur giveaways.. 🙂

  17. Jodi

    It’s limitless wear you could wear this! I’d wear it to a ladies party, on vacation, to a graduation or just to feel good!! I’m looking forward to the interview!

  18. zainab

    mA Mariam lots of new fans here! I would totally wear this outfit to a girls night out in the city that I have coming up. I am a huge fan of asian inspired clothing and Maysaa has definitely got this outfit right. Its chic and classy and would look great with an oversized ring and clutch.

  19. Sabrina

    I’ve been waiting for Maysaa to launch since last year! :DDDD
    Needless to say, I’m in love with all of the designs!
    Anyway, I definitely wear the maxi dress paired with accessories to this scholarship gala coming up!
    The hijab would definitely go with it. And the top can be used for any occasion, like school :]
    Maysaa ftw!

  20. Aamina

    Ooh love it!! I actually have a ‘Muslim Aid Volunteer Dinner’ coming up and this would be fab to wear – its quite formal and elegant and allows me to easily jazz it up with accessories to my liking..

  21. Esrat

    inshalla If I would ever win this,I would definitely wear this outfit to a semi-formal party,work or simply going out with friends like a restaurant. This outfit is simply so original,beautiful and unique.It can suit anyone,anywhere.

  22. Secrets

    Salam, the dress is soo beautiful and can be easily worn at work. I always wonder what is the best kind to wear at work that is smart and outstanding..This looks perfect

  23. Suzie

    I think the difficult part of getting dressed for any woman who wears hijab is feeling like the person she is under the scarf without the scarf becoming her identity. We need more clothing lines like Mayssa to help us do this – the featured scarf is awesome and the dress even more so :)Mash’Allah – great clothes for the modest modern muslima & totally wearable everywhere.

  24. Aisha

    Assalamu alaikum. Inshallah if I won I would wear it, thats just it, I’m new to hijab Jan 1, 2010, I would incorperate it with everything, a closed sweater over it to make it a skirt for classes, alone with a colorful scarf to a party, it looks versatile enough.

  25. Mehr J Agha

    oh Im Mehr Agha from London, U.K. btw 😀

  26. Mehr J Agha

    I love the outfit, the black and white is very classy and i would actually wear it upon my return to back home, after finishing my degree. My parents will be happy to see me in this after two years…and would know that having lived by myself in London for two years has really not made me depart from my roots and spiritual self:)

  27. Amira

    Asalaam Alaikum,
    I love this outfit, it is such a classic and flattering design. I could see this being useful for many different events. I would wear this to a nice dinner and I can dress it up more for a wedding.

  28. Aalia

    SA! I love this look. I would def wear this hijab to work, at the hospital I am always on the go and this would make getting to dressed for work a lot faster. I would def wear the shirt to work too. With so many business/formal occasions related to work the dress would be perfect. I think its always important to look good as hijabis because we are ambassadors of Islam!

  29. Fatimah

    Asalamu ‘Alaykum girls,

    I love it, Beautiful! Perfect for all occasions, versatile,trendy & modest. You could easily dress it up for a formal occasion with accesories or keep it simple for everday outings.

    You could also alternate your hijab and top in different colours to create a ‘different’ looking outfit. The Black goes well with all colours which makes it awesome.

    Thank you for the opportunity on allowing us to enter. Good luck to us all! 🙂


  30. Yara (butterfly2729)

    Asalamu alaikum.
    I could wear this outfit in any occasion and that is the beauty of it.

    You can dress it up for Eid/special event. Dress it down for a casual get together, shopping trip. Or even leave it just as it is for the office.

    Mashallah it is very versatile.

    TTFN X

  31. Rania


    Wow, great giveaway, Mariam! I’m so excited!

    I think I would wear this outfits anytime to any occasion as long as it suit to the occasion, because I’m so in love with this outfits. I can also wear them separately, mixed and matched with my already-have outfits.

    Thank you for this opportunity, and good luck to everyone too! 🙂

  32. Noor

    I’d wear it anywear that would be a bit more fancier. Such as, out to nice dinner or a party. Plus, its so versatile that you could wear it all year long. Which is great for people on a budget.

  33. CRK

    I really love this, I would wear it anywhere!

  34. AYESHA





  35. Anisa

    I would totally wear this to like the Masjid for Jumuah!

  36. Amal Arshad

    going on vacations to bahrain and nothing could possibly be a better outfit !!!! really really hope n pray that i win it!!!

  37. Sondos

    assalamoualikom, I love how this outfit is so chic and simple, and elegant at the same time, it could be worn for anything, black/white are a great combination! i cant actually say i would wear it for only one outing to be honest i would wear it anytime of the day! :..I have been always trying to find dresses for my height! im 5’11 and its hard living in palestine where there is not that much styles for my height, im so happy finally something with my taste and it has my length! very lovely maysaa keep up the good work and wish you guys luck in your upcoming lines! 🙂

  38. Auliya

    Assalamu alaikum, I think this simple yet elegant and can be worn dressed and can be made a little more casual as well. I would were this to work I am currently working retail and this would be perfect.

  39. halima sadiya

    i think hijabtrendz is one among the few sites which help you to dress the way you want along with the hijab and look very beautiful…
    This outfit by Maysaa is so very beautiful, i just cant get my eyes off them :)i don’t mind wearing this outfit to any formal or even a casual event because it anyway gonna make you look very elegant..
    i would love wearing this to my college because it looks comfortable..

  40. Aisha Baranowska

    Salaamz. 😉 I think it is great as your work uniform, but not only. It could be worn to special occassions as semi-formal style where you need to look elegant, very modest yet relaxed at the same time. 😉 For example, going to a dinner or tea party with friends or in daytime during Ramadan when we wear our best clothes…;-)

  41. Yekata

    On a date with my husband, it’s fantastic!

  42. Deniz

    I’d wear it to a wedding!I don’t think it is too casual because you can easily add jewels to it, that dress is stunning!!!!! Goooo Hana!

  43. jessyz

    I love wrap arounds but they are almost never long sleeved and floor length at the same time.
    I’d wear it everywhere all the time.

    I absolutely love it!

  44. Iqraa

    Asalamu aliekum Hijabstylez!xxx
    oh i love this i would were this everwhere its too cute!
    In town,
    At work,
    Going out with my sisters,
    I have never won anything not even a hijab 🙁
    Everything is destiny from ALLAH subhanna wata ALLAH,bu i still hope that i win it inshALLAH.
    Fi Aman ALLAH from your sister Iqraa
    Wa aliekum salam xxxx

  45. Shakira

    I have recently covering myself and i requested my husband to buy me a designer Hijab but he ignored it…. i want to win this giveaway so that i may not hav to beg my husband again to buy me this.

  46. Nina Nazri

    This wrap around maxi dress is to die for! I would wear it to a romantic nite out with my hubby pairing it with a satin pink tank, silk pink hijab and a 5 inch stilletos.

    I would also wear the white shirt with my black & white sheath and loose white pants together with the beautiful Maysaa hijab. This outfit will definitely be my choice for a girls day/nite out!

    Last but not least, i would pair the wrap around maxi dress, shirt and beautiful hijab together to meet my business clients or a day at the office. Maysaa’s outfit is just perfect for every occasion!

  47. nadira

    you can wear it any time, it depands on your shoes, with nice pink puma and pink shirt in every days , and with a nice high heels shoes in official moments

    c i have iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ?

  48. nadira

    i am new in hijab ….pleeeease where to buy this outfit i loooooooooooooooooooove

    can some boady answere me pleeeease ?

  49. Shazeen

    I would wear this outfit anywhere and everywhere; it’s so beautiful!! School, work, out to dinner…

  50. Ali

    I would wear it to my new job!

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