Maysaa winner

We had over 1,200 entries wow!

Congratulations to Niar from Melbourne, Australia.

She is the winner of the Maysaa hijab fashion giveaway!

If you are wondering when your turn to win will be…don’t forget we have a hijab giveaway courtesy of Aab right now and another big giveaway coming up soon.

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  1. niar

    assalamu’alaikum sisters,,

    this is me,,the lucky winner,,yay alhamdulillah..
    im so happy, coz i haven’t won anything in

    now i cant wait to receive my prize,,hehe

  2. nihad

    Congratulations Niar my name soundalike hehe

  3. Deniz

    Oh congrats from one Aussie to another! Yay

  4. Fatin

    Mashallah… Congrats

  5. afshi

    congrats to the LUCKY girl!

  6. m2ab

    Mashallah ,huge entry of participants and Mabrouk to the lucky winner.

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