Funny uses for your hijab

by Aya Khalil

Bluetoothijab. Stick it in between your ear and hijab, and you have a hands-free device! Warning: you might get a couple eyebrow raising stares.

Hijabarella. Who needs Versace shades when you can make your own UV protection? You know those days when you rummage through your purse looking for your sunglasses then realize you forgot them at home? No need to worry. Just adjust your hijab so that it’s flowing right above your eyes, in a sort of umbrella-look. You won’t look silly. Confidence is the key.

Pinjabi. The straight pin on your hijab. You know it comes in handy numerous times. You know, like when your phone freezes and you need something tiny to poke through the SIM card thingy? Or when you buy an item with the plastic wrap around it, and for the love of God, can never seem to rip it open with your nails because you need a sharp device. The straight pin can come in handy in other vital moments as well: scratch off cards, self-defense, and tooth-pick substitutes (although not recommended).

Incognito. You can hide certain parts of your face if you see someone you would rather not speak to at the moment and not have them recognize you. Disclaimer: this might not work all the time.

Fashion fix. In a rush to school or work? No problem. Wear your basic black shirt or blouse with your jeans or black skirt, but dazzle it up a bit with your funky neon pink scarf and you’re all set to go. No need to worry about jewelry or accessories. You’ll get a plethora of compliments.

Break outs. You know that annoying zit that surprises you on your graduation day on your forehead or the side of your face?  It’s all about the technique. Make sure you don’t cover your whole forehead or you’ll look like a helmet hijabi. Just draw your hijab a tad bit further down your face than usual and dab some cover-up, you’ll be able to walk in complete buoyancy to grab that diploma.

Ear muffs? Psht …! For those of us living in rather cold temperature areas, (specifically Michigan/Ohio/Illinois/Canada), the weather can get nasty. And I mean really bitter. That’s when our hijabs come in handy once again, ladies! Your hijab covers your ears, hair and neck, so there’s no need for a hat, ear muffs or a winter scarf (unless you really want to).

Two is better than one (You’re right Swift). Sometimes wearing two different colored hijabs over each other is even better and original. One of the two can greatly benefit you during several emergencies, while the other stays on your head. For example, the extra one can act as a wrap for a sprained ankle, a bandage wrap for a cut, or a spill on your mother’s-in-law new white leather coach.

Ipodijab. Feel like taking a risk? Then you should try this when you’re bored in class (preferably a class where the teacher doesn’t call on students often). Ear phones under your hijab, Ipod in your pocket, and lower the volume. No one will ever know. Disclaimer: You might get caught so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Hijabi. Besides making up cool adjectives with the word, you still have bad hijab days. You get crazy comments and bothersome stares. You sometimes feel your hijab is on too tight.  People think you don’t speak English, and when they do they compliment you on how well your English is. You get asked, “Where are you from?” and when you say New Jersey, they reply back by saying, “no I mean where are you from?” Others think you were forced to wear it and feel sorry for you. And yes, sometimes it’s just a tad bit too warm in 110 degree weather. Especially when you’re fasting. In Ramadan. In the summer.

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  1. Sharin

    hahaha this is so cute and funny
    i’ve done the ipodijab, bluetoothijab, and you’re right pinjabi can be very useful 🙂
    the incognito one is hilarious
    great ideas girly 🙂

  2. Eman

    So funny =DD and true =)) I do use the ipodijab all the time, some of my classes are so boring I have no choice hehehehee. Keep them coming =))

  3. Zahira

    I’ll admit, I do the “ipodijab” all the time during my biology lectures. Semester ends next week, and nobody’s ever caught on!! ;P

  4. LK

    This is so cute.

  5. lailah

    if there’s a bad smell you can use your hijab to cover your nose. lol.

  6. Leanne

    I have to say I use the Ipodijab all the time at the grocery store (not in class because I actually have to pay attention most the time)! And if you are like me and have little ears it helps keep the ear buds in place without being uncomfortable 🙂

  7. Miriam

    Great ideas!!!!! LOOOOL!!!

  8. Fatin

    🙂 this is funny.

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