Rare find: long sleeve maxi dress

We just came across this dress for sale at Net a Porter and it’s a steal at $105.

It’s a long sleeve jersey maxi dress by Alexander Wang and is absolutely hijab fashion friendly.

It’s still expensive for most people’s standards, but if you want to add a designer to your hijab style closet, this is a versatile dress that you can totally play around with.

Wear it formal or wear it casual, you decide.

Snap it up before it’s gone!

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  1. zainab

    Oops I just clicked send! You are soooo right! I just took a look at this dress in black and in one of the pics you can actually see the models butt so its see through too..beware! I saw a long sleeve maxi on Maysaa’s website in navy which I am seriously thinking of getting though. The jersey material looks thicker and seems to have more material around the curves 🙂

  2. zainab

    You are sooo right!

  3. Mariam Sobh

    lol afshi as always you crack me up! 🙂
    I agree that jersey is hard to pull off, unless it’s the thicker version. The thin flimsy stuff is not body friendly to anyone in my opinion because it will divulge all lumps and bumps, even for those who seemingly don’t have any lol.

  4. afshi

    hmm..I have mixed feeling about this one. Unless one is one really skinny, I find jersey to be too clingy (although I love the material). I dunno, the dress reminds me sleep wear. Maybe if it was in a different colour.

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