The Limited Shirt Dress quick review

We previously posted that The Limited had long sleeve shirt dresses on sale. Well we got them and they are indeed long sleeve. They look pretty cute, however we were not prepared for the fitted midsection part of the shirt. Boy do we have some work to do!

The chest area is also too tight to button properly, but there is still hope since breastfeeding can often make the chest area a little unpredictable. Once you stop nursing things go back down to normal. 🙂

This is definitely a steal of a deal at only $17.00. The Limited shirt dress originally sold for almost $80.00!

Overall we’re satisfied, but we have a little work to do.

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  1. Amira

    I ended up ordering this shirt dress after I saw it on your site b/c I was looking for something like this. I too had the same issue, I can button the top portion (pretty tight) b/c like you I am breastfeeding. The mid section portion is also pretty tight for me and reminds me that I still need to work to lose my pregnancy gut. I got the dark blue one and really like the color. Keep up the good work I am really enjoying your blog!

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