Fall preview for hijab fashion 2010

Pop Culture Hijabi just did a post on fall fashion at Nordstrom and if you loved that gray cardigan you’ll love these from Old Navy!

Hijab fashion preview Fall 2010


We’re not sure how much they are at Nordstrom but the above are only $26.50 at Old Navy. And if you shop today you can get 30% off your total.

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  1. afshi

    just a FYI….walmart has some great long cardigans…for only $18CDN!…i bought a black one and a dark tanned coloured one. they would look great with a belt.

  2. Mariam Sobh

    LOL hey I’m the same as you all.. I need to lose some weight or at least it’s more like do some toning, especially after I saw how the shirt dress from The Limited fit me :-/
    But hey those sweaters are totally cute… I’m resisting thought cause I just bought a sweater from Nordstrom. I’ll post it on Friday 😀

  3. Nadia

    I do the same thing, but it’s really hard to resist sometimes!
    I totally bought this sweater. And a couple other things, too. I blame you, Mariam. 🙂

  4. Natalie

    I am in the same boat as you Afshi. I always tell myself I am not going to shop until I lose some pounds but when I see a bargain, I totally forget my promise and indulge. 🙂

  5. afshi

    cute cardis!

    i need to stop shopping..i tell myself that i need to lost 15 lbs, then i could shop, but i always cave…grrr.

  6. Mariam Sobh

    I was going to ask you how much the Nordstrom one as because I couldn’t find them online and I think the kids destroyed my catalogue lol.
    Yeah Old Navy is so hard to resist…I just bought a bunch of short and long sleeve tees for layering.

  7. Nadia

    I went over to the Old Navy website, and now I want to buy everything. 🙂

  8. Nadia

    Ooh now I’m really tempted to go buy these. They really are a good alternative to the Nordstrom ones. I think those ones are $45.

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