Tasteful but Trendy

This article is about two women in a small California town trying to sell hijab fashion for Muslim women.

We were interviewed last week about our thoughts on the topic and a small portion was included in the article.

You can read the entire article here.

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you Lailah.
    Deniz you are so right, thank you for the reminder. I find myself in a dressing rut these days because I’m at the in-between stage of losing the baby weight and hate buying new stuff that I can only wear for a few months before it gets too big. I definitely need to get back on track 🙂

  2. Deniz

    Nice article and good on them! The more Muslim fashion stores the better. Your contribution was wonderful Mariam 🙂

    One point Ali made in the article was a very important one that is on my mind EVERYTIME I am getting ready to leave the house, that When people see you in hijab they see all Muslim women and we are representing the whole religion through our appearance and what we wear, thus I always try hard to look neat and proper.

    Before I wore hijab I was still fashion conscious but in a more unconventional way, I was the indie rock chick that wore a mish mash of clothes, you know what I mean, but if I did that now, the way I did then, not caring if my hair was a mess or whatever then I wouldn’t be just some girl, I’d be the Muslim women. This is especially so if the Muslim population in your community is very little.

    Something to think about…..

  3. lailah

    kudos u got it we love ur personal stories cuz we totally can relate to so much that u went thru growing up

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