Why I love fashion and hijab

My passion for fashion has been a part of me for quite some time now, but I haven’t always had the guts to experiment with different looks. I felt as though people would judge me, stare at me and even laugh at me for trying to express myself.

My mother has always had exceptional taste in clothing and hijab, often making her own clothing at home. My older sisters (I am the youngest of five girls!) have also got it going on in the fashion department, with one of them being a designer/clothing store owner and another a fashion blogger like myself. So I have always had excellent role models when it came to dressing modestly and yet fashionably.

One of my favourite things about fashion is the way it can transform you body and mind.

Answer me this: Have you ever spent the whole day at home in your oldest pair of jim-jams, hair unbrushed, face feeling feral and home kitty-cat slippers looking more like road kill then cute? Now think about how you feel when you shed the dowdy home clothes and wear your favourite outfit with matching hijab and handbag, fix your face, chuck on your flats/heels and walk out into the sunshine? How do you feel? Better?

I just love the way a simple change of clothes can change my frame of thought, my glass half empty has suddenly become half full. I no longer feel and look like a sloppy joe, instead I am full of energy and life!

Finally what I love most about fashion and hijab is the individuality it offers me. I hate feeling like a lemming hijabi and I want my outside to reflect my inside. I want it to say HEY! I HAVE A MIND OF MY OWN AND A PERSONALITY TO BOOT! Am I wrong to think like this? Weren’t we all blessed with a brain of our own? And as an added bonus to all you hijabis out there, think of hijabi fashion as a big STUFF YOU to all the high end fashion houses out there. Yes we wear their clothes but not in the way they intended them. We tweak, alter and embellish some of their most beautiful designs and turn them into our own special outfits.

Remember, regardless of what hijab style you like or what you choose to wear always keep your head held high and wear it with confidence!

Seyma is a teacher and makeup artist from Melbourne, Australia who runs the blog Hijab Revival.


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  1. sheeraz

    i love your pictures

  2. aisha

    we should be proud muslims when we wear our hijab they make us stand out.keep up the good work it gives us courage to look good with the latest fashion.

  3. Rania

    Really love this post! : )

  4. jiyy

    yeah, im agree with you 🙂

  5. SaY-WaT?

    your blog has truly been an inspired me to not care of wat ppl think of me or my dress code. As long as i am comfie and dressed elegantly who cares wat anyone thinks.. Keep up the great work and dont ever let any negative feedback from anyone let u down.. Their just jealous.

  6. ajjah

    Good post Seyma.. totally agree with you 🙂

  7. zainab

    mA that sister has got some serious style.

  8. Ebs

    Love it! great artice, exactly my thoughts!

  9. afshi

    oh praise the lord! and here i thought i was the only one that felt this way! Two things can alter my mood..the weather and the clothes that I’m wearing. And if I look good, i feel good! It’s kinda funny (and maybe a little sad too..lol)…I love thinking about my clothes and what I shoud/would be wearing the next day or to a particular event..ha ha..its the first thing on my mind whenever im going anywhere.

  10. Mademoiselle M

    Hi Seyma!

    That’s a great article and I feel the same way. When I wake up in the morning and feeling not so well, I put on my nicest clothes, hijab and shoes and then I feel so much better!
    Your blog is also a big inspiration 🙂

    Take care.


  11. Houda

    Love this article! I feel exactly the same way!

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