Puffer coat or wool coat?

We’ve been doing the wool coat look for awhile now, but are loving some of the puffer coats that we’ve come across.

If you had to choose which style would you stick to?

Because Chicago winters can be quite harsh, we’re going to go for a longer length this winter. We have learned the hard way that if your coat isn’t past your knees, most likely you will freeze! (wow we just made up a new slogan lol).

$168.00 at Victoria’s Secret

$69.50 at Old Navy

$99.50 at Old Navy

$104.99 VIA Spiga at Overstock.com

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  1. Nakia

    Wool coat all the way. Although I would love to have an amauti, as I have a toddler.

  2. Valerie

    The puffy coat would be warmer, but I love the wool coats. I’ve wanted one for years.. always forget to get one.

  3. Natalie

    I live in cleveland and we get just enough snow here as Chicago does. I do agree with Donyale-Landsend has some terrific coats. When I am coat shopping, that is usually the first place I look and end up buying. I have both puffer and a wool coat from them. I use the puffer coat for when its snowing and the wool coat for when its not snowing like now for instance.

  4. Nadia

    I feel like you need both in Chicago. The puffer coat for every day, and wool coat when you need a sleeker look. I do love the top two ones.
    I totally agree with your long coat motto. I feel like my behind is freezing if coats aren’t long enough.

  5. Deniz

    the last one is the most versatile of the lot

  6. LK

    The wool coats nowadays aren’t warm enough for Chicago winters, we need the down fluffy coat. Although, if you find a vintage wool coat from the 80s it might be warm enough. Back then, they were 100% wool and incredibly warm. My mom has one its awesome!

  7. afshi

    I dunno but I’m just not a big fan of the long puffer coat look. I know they are warm like anything, but it just makes a person look so big. My sister has a long white one and she looks like the Michelin Tire Guy.
    I love wool coats..they have a nice and streamlined fit. Especially the military style ones…they are snug in all the right places.

  8. Kelly

    I haven’t worn a puffer coat since 4th grade lol, but I really like that white one. But not for me, because the first time my kid comes to hug me with catsup on their face I will flip.

  9. sadya

    i love the puffer coat look… definitely need it for chicago winters. but i feel like you would need to try it on to make sure it fits the way it should!

  10. Donyale

    Puffer Coat! It’s really hard to find a wool coat that is heavy enough for Chicago winters. Land’s End sales really good down filled coats in various lengths.

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