More pics from Islamic Fashion Festival 2010

Photos used with permission via CuteCarry, the site to get all the latest pics and info on Malaysian Fashion.

The fashion blogger has been covering Malaysia International Fashion Week and has tons more photos of great hijab fashion via the Islamic Fashion Festival portion of the show.

Here are a few pics and if you want the full details make sure to check his site.

We are loving the looks. If you had the chance to wear one of these outfits, where would you wear it?

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  1. Nusrat Bhatty

    I really like the style and material of the pink fushia dress but not the pink colour. I like that the hijab is attached to it. I would love to buy it in my size. I am only five feet tall but wear higels. Are there any other colours available? Let me know as soon as possible. The type of the dress is 251KB PNG.

  2. Maseeha

    Wow! All the garments look truly beautiful. I lyk the leopard print the best.

  3. Donna

    They all look nice.. my favorite is the yellow and blue.

  4. Valerie

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing that. I like all of them, but I keep going back to the yellow and blue one as my favorite. (Although it’s barely my favorite, the pinkish red one is so pretty).

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