Iranian models take Hijab to the catwalk

This article was just published by NDTV and talks about Iranian girls who want to pursue modeling.

You can watch the video below or read it here.

Thoughts? Any Iranians agree/disagree with the portrayal in this?

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  1. sampour

    I’m an Iranian women, and I have to say the reason why these hejabs are not proper, is b/c Iranian women are forced to cover up or they’ll end up in Jail. There was a survey not long ago , where Iranian women were asked if they would remove the hejab if it was optional and 70% said they would REMOVE It. So please, before you criticize understand that many Iranian women although muslims don’t believe in the Hejab. In fact many hate it and have grown to hate it even more since they’ve been literally physicaly and mentally forced to wear it! when the mandatory Hejab was introduced after 1979 revolution , there were big protests all over Iran that oppose it, but Islamic Republic was cruel and never listen to Iranian Women.

  2. Robyn

    Okay, so here’s my thing – I don’t really have a problem with muslims modeling, as long as it’s in good taste. That being said, I personally have never understood the hijab that looks like it’s about to fall off your head look, which some of those models were employing. It kind of defeats the purpose of hijab for me. I almost want to say, I ‘d rather you go without the hijab than to have it half on/half off.

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